Salut from extrasens
Extrasens Zagariya N.I.

Director of the center «Phenomen»:

Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna

Extrasens, the folk healer of the supreme category.

«It is a little of those who cures
of indifference and a harm.
I trust these people never-ending,
I trust in them as in myself.
Still time I bow up to floor
about my clear gratitude,
and certainly I to you duty,
be may my own happy life...»

Verses were devoted by the captain-lieutenant Jurtaev to healer Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna.

Professor Beloshapkin A.A.

«Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna is one of rare phenomena. Her really unique abilities, allow me as to the professor, to the doctor of medical sciences to draw a conclusion, that the people possessing such gift as at Nadezhda Zagariya, in the world of unit, and they certainly should be considered as national property»

The professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the doctor-vertebronevrolog, the folk healer of the supreme category Beloshapkin A.A.

Chairman of examination board of the center «Phenomen».

The higher school of training folk's healers


On the basis of the center seminars on transformation of energy, meditative to auto-training, hatha-yoga, healing, extrasensoring, to the abnormal phenomena, clairvoyancing and to telekinesis, teleportation, contacting are spent.

I invite to cooperation all pupils who were present at my seminars and passed rates on disclosing internal reserves, development healerical, touch abilities.

Since 1990 year on present time - in cities:

  1. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  2. Vilyuchinsk (Kamchatka territory);
  3. Milkovo (Kamchatka territory);
  4. Esso (Kamchatka territory);
  5. Ust-Kamchatsk;
  6. Elizovo (Kamchatka territory);
  7. Vilyuchinsk 2 (Kamchatka territory);
  8. Vladivostok;
  9. Bolshoy Kamen;
  10. Nahodka;
  11. Paratunka, Nikolaevka (Kamchatka territory);
  12. Juzhno-Sahalinsk;
  13. Nogliki (Sahalin territory);
  14. Uglegorsk (Sahalin territory);
  15. Holmsk (Sahalin territory);
  16. Juzhnokurilsk (Sahalin territory);
  17. Krabozavodsk (Sahalin territory);
  18. Severokurilsk (Sahalin territory);
  19. Novorossiysk (Krasnodar territory);
  20. Anapa (Krasnodar territory);
  21. Moscow & Moscow territory;
  22. S-Piterburg.

Now training and seminars from the center «Phenomen» pass in various cities of Russia.

After training documents of the established sample of the Moscow center stand out «Phenomen».