Kigakazahn Mit einem Nachwort von E. Die politische Gleichberechtigung der Frau. Und jetzt sind sie alle wieder da: Everyone thought about how they were going to put something in the pot, so that their children could eat something, and about how to start rebuilding and clearing away the rubble. They renounced a past in which they had sought political stability in Lebensraum living space in eastern Europe; they replaced it with a search for security hausfrai the Lebensraum of the family, where a democratic West Germany would flourish.

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The Life and Jlrt of. Second Printing, Third Printing, To Walter W. Cook, u! F oR reasons best known to itself, the Princeton University Press has proposed to. Bibliography and the previous Prefaces as well as the Illustrations, but not the Handlist of Works.

I have accepted this proposal the more readily as the remarkable improvement of the offset process, largely due to the ingenuity and patience of Mr. Hugo of the Meriden Gravure Company, now makes possible the successful duplication of the original illustrations.

Since neither the pagination of the text nor the numeration of the pictures has been changed, references to the earlier editions are equivalent to references to the new one and vice versa.

And that the text still bristles with Handlist numbers Arabic numerals in parentheses , even though the Handlist itself has disappeared, may be helpful to those who wish for more specific information than the present volume provides. This new edition, then, differs from its more ambitious predecessors in size and appear- ance rather than in purpose: it is still the same book, addressed to the student as well as the "general reader.

Princeton, N. November 1, Sg, line 5 s. It is therefore ad- dressed to a "mixed audience" rather than to scholars. Time-honored truths and. However, in order to make the book somewhat useful to the more serious student two additions have been made. Appended to the text is a Selected Bibliography pp. This Handlist-consistently referred to in the text-is not a "critical catalogue" but a mere inventory which, it is hoped, will help the English-speaking reader to find his way through the vast and bewildering mass of material which, rightly or wrongly, is associated with the name of Albrecht Durer.

It will refer him to catalogues and corpuses where illustrations and more specialized information may be found, and indicates, as far as possible, the connections which exist between two or more works, particularly between draw- ings on the one hand and prints and paintings on the other.

As a rule, bibliographical refer- ences are given only if not yet included in the catalogues and corpuses referred to, and explanatory remarks have been restricted to a minimum. The writer has mostly contented himself with expressing his personal opinion as to date and authenticity. Only where he hoped to make some contribution to the argument, or where he felt that the case needed restating, has he embarked upon a brief discussion.

The Handlist thus serves a threefold purpose: first, to help the reader to locate illustrations not found in this book; second, to make him aware of the genesis and affiliations of the works discussed in the text; third, to call his attention to works not mentioned in the text at all.

The writer has to apologize, first, for having repeated in his last chapter several para- graphs already published, in more or, less identical form, in a recent but not easily accessible study entitled The Codex Huygens and Leonardo da Vinci's Art Theory Studies of the Warburg Institute, xm , London, ; second, for not having discussed Durer's Treatise on the.

Theory of Fortification the subject of which is plainly beyond his compass; third, for having incorporated in the section on the engraving Melencolia I pp. Saxl's previous book on the subject Bibliography, no. Its publication having been prevented by the War, he could not help anticipating it to some extent, but he wants to make it perfectly clear that half of the credit, if any, goes to Dr. Saxl and his associates. He furthermore wishes to thank all those who, in one way or another, have assisted him in the preparation of these.

Lugt and Miss Agnes Mongan for information as to the present location of drawings; Messrs. Arnasson, Q. Beckley O. Bober, E. Detterer, H. Mayor, M. Meiss, R. Offner, H. Rossiter, G. SchOnberger, D.

Stauffer, H. Swarzenski and Miss K. Serrell for various suggestions, general helpfulness, and assistance in procuring photographs; Messrs. George H. Forsyth, Jr. The writer's especial gratitude is due to the American Council of Learned Societies and the Carnegie Corporation whose financial help made this publication possible, and to Mr. Lessing J. Rosenwald and Miss Elizabeth Mongan who not only allowed most of the reproductions of prints and illustrated books to be made from the admirable originals in the Alverthorpe Gallery but also placed at the writer's disposal the skill of their excellent photographer, Mr.

THE second edition of this book appears so soon that the writer had no time to change his mind on any major point. He has therefore limited himself to minor corrections and adjust- ments on the one hand and to a few Addenda on the other.

The corrections and adjustments have not been especially indicated, but the writer wishes to mention those-apart from simple typographical errors-which were suggested by others:. Kalman Kubinyi. II, p. Winkler's statement to the effect that the drawing T. The Addenda consist, first, of two fortunately not very important Handlist items origi- nally overlooked by the writer; second, of some supplementary remarks elicited by such contributions as have been published after the first edition of this book had gone to press.

The writer wishes to express his gratitude to Messrs. Bernheimer, Kubinyi and Ste- chow, as well as to Mrs. Tietze-Conrat; and to repeat his thanks to all those who have assisted him in the preparation of the first edition. THE third edition follows the same principles as does the second. Remarks referring to the few Handlist items not yet included in the previous editions, or elicited by such books and articles as were published or became accessible to the writer after the second edition had gone to press, are printed in another Appendix vol.

Breitenbach and F. Other additions and corrections have been incorporated without special indication; but only six of these amount to material changes, and only four to modest material contributions. By way of rectification, the writer is now inclined to accept the inscribed date rather than the conjectural onefor the Head of a Bearded Child in the Louvre vol. Pfister- Burkhalter and W. Rotzler in Basel, to dispel the confusion surrounding the number of woodcuts preserved, and impressions from cut woodblocks lost, within the series of the Terence Illustrations in Basel vol.

Benesch who kindly called the writer's attention to his article in the Wiener Jahrbuch fur Kunstgeschtchte, VII, , where the author of the picture is identified as the "Younger Master of the Schotten Altarpiece" p. II, pp. Losses and changes caused by the war are still unknown, except for the destruction of the manuscript formerly in the Landesbibliothek in Dresden which contained the following drawings: Handlist nos. As for the illustrations, attempts have been made to replace some of the least satisfactory photographs by better ones but have been successful-through the good offices of Messrs.

Breitenbach, E. Hanfstaengl, C. Smyth, H. Swarzenski, and John Walker III, to all of whom the writer wishes to express his gratitude-in only a limited number of cases. He is, however; pleased to announce that his, the Princeton University Press's and the Meriden Company's united efforts have finally succeeded in substituting, in fig.

In the List of Illustrations the following abbreviations are used:. VII, ,. Nachbzldungen, Berlin, vols. Wmkler, ed. H olzschnitte,. Ausgaben und Wasserzeichen, Vienna, Passavant, Le Peintre-Graveur, Leipzig, vol.

III, t86 2 , p. The numbe. Drawing L. Durer, Self-Portrait of , Vienna, Albertina. Present Location Unknown. Bernard, Nuremberg,. Germanisches National-Museum, John's, probably , Bremen, Kunsthalle. Chronicle," published Michael Wolgemut, Dance of the Dead. Michael Wolgemut Shop; Design by Durer'? Woodcut from the "Nuremberg Chronicle" , k, 3 , published Potentiana Giving Alms to the Poor. Woodcut from the "Lives of the Saints," Nuremberg Koberger , The Second and Fourth Works of Charity.

Woodcut from "Bruder Claus" , a, 2, 4 , Nuremberg Ayrer , Durer, Cavalcade, , Bremen, Kunsthalle.


Das Handbuch für die gute Ehefrau [1955]

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Interkulturelle Literatur in Deutschland


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