Short title, extent and commencement 2. Definitions 3. Beedi Workers Welfare Fund 4. Application of Fund 5.

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Short title, extent and commencement 2. Definitions 3. Beedi Workers Welfare Fund 4. Application of Fund 5. Advisory Committees 6. Central Advisory Committee 7.

Power to co-opt 8. Appointment of Welfare Commissioners, etc. Power of Central Government to exempt Annual report of activities financed under the Act Power to call for information Short title and commencement 2.

Composition 4. Term of office of members 5. Resignation 6. Absence from India 7. Vacation of office 8. Allowances payable to member 9. Disposal of business Time, place and date of meeting Notice of meetings and list of business Presiding at meeting Quorum Recommendation by majority Minutes of meetings Executive of an Advisory Committee Staff powers of the Commissioner Conditions of service of persons appointed under section 8 Schemes of expenditure Budget Other matters to be considered by an Advisory Committee Committee to be informed of expenditure Finance sub-Committee Duties of the Finance sub-Committee Other sub-Committees Meeting of the sub-Committees Grants Standard of dispensary or hospital services Inspection Submission of periodic returns Standard of maternity centre Extent of grant-in-aid Standard of facilities for education and recreation Statistics and other information Identity card It must no work on profit motive but on no profit no loss basis;.

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Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Rules, 1978

Short title, extent and commencement 2. Levy and collection of cess on manufactured beedis 3-A. Application of Act 1 of to cess 4. Crediting of proceeds of duty to the Consolidated Fund of India 5.


Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act 1976 Current Affairs - 2020


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