Written between September and December in Barcelona,?? Fabula politico-sexual, total novel, lustful and brutal farce, are some of the appellatives that have been used to account for this unfinished textual body that, in the words of Graciela Montaldo, " is the work of a classic of modernity , not of a rupture or experimental writer but of someone who writes literature when literature reached the peak of its crisis ". The sinister picture is played here by a deranged scientist and police: the Doctor "the spider" Ky, played by Diego Capusotto, and the Commander "the hyena" Jones, in the body of Javier Lorenzo. The story focuses on the operation of a bullying vessel for violent adolescents. The way to make these insurgent bodies docile is to feminize them. But what is a woman?

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Acta lit. ISSN Abstract: This study analyzes the narrative strategies that form a poetics that des tabilizes the heteronormative patriarchy of the posthumous novel Tadeys by Osvaldo Lamborghini. The strategies disassemble the patriarchal conception of the body, as it is built as a flow of urges where subjectivities are installed -artifi cial prosthesis- designed by La Comarca State.

One of the narrative strategies is the making of male characters motivated by primary drives in a patriarchal country. In this sense, the patriarchal order sets as a cynical mask always transgressed by the homoerotic desire of the ambivalent characters.

The second narrative strategy is the deconstruction of the female gender with the incorporation of the prison La Roca, symbolic space where the male criminal body is transformed into a docile woman ready to get married. In this prison, the female gender represents and reproduces as performance, it lacks of an essence a priori, as it is the product of the institutions that create it, regulate it and naturalize it. Services on Demand Journal. Keywords : Gender; poetics; patriarchy; narrative strategies.

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Tadeys (Novelas y cuentos) (Spanish Edition)

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11. A propósito de “Tadeys”


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