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Experiencing Your Super Self: All of your power to accomplish, your ability to be effective, make decisions, be happy, and to exert maximum personal control over your life, lies only in each succession of present moments. Live your life as most people do, and you will be forced to settle for what most people settle for.

Your only point of power is in the present moment. In taking control of your life you must begin with a clean slate. That means dumping the garbage of the past and its hold on you.

Given the opportunity, your past can stay around to haunt you. Your strategy is to keep your focus on the present. Remember, the past is no longer real. Your only reality is the present moment. Your past is only a set of thoughts that could just as easily have come from a movie as from your own experiences. Those streams of thought cannot possibly control your life or your future--unless you allow it to occupy your time, mind, and divert your attention from the task at hand.

Any time that happens, take back control of your own mind by refocusing on the present. The rapid accomplishment of your dreams and goals requires acknowledging and accepting where you are, what you are, who you are, and what you have done in life.

For the indisputable universal truth remains: Where you is, is where you is. Failure is the refusal to establish a plan and work toward its accomplishment regardless of the obstacles. To move on toward success, you must do the opposite of what you might first feel, even the opposite of what those around you might expect.

Attempting to change or fudge on the rules will always cause you to lose, even when you think youre right. How do you know that youre losing when youre playing in someone elses ballpark? If you hear yourself thinking or saying: Its not fairNobody can make me do thatYou cant talk to me that wayWhat did I do to deserve this? Your objective is to win.

And you win by doing anything that moves you quickly toward your dreams and goals. Learn this lesson well if you value winning as much as I do: Become a team player or get off the team.

Trying Is Lying: When striving to achieve your goals, there is no such thing as trying. I tried is a quitters statement. It says you have given up or decided that not reaching your goals is an okay way to continue to live your life. Both attitudes, and they are attitudes, are devastating to your personal effectiveness. Failure occurs when you quit, and in making excuses for your inability to succeed.

Lack of immediate success is not failure. It is nothing more than the feedback that you may need to modify your target and even your plan for reaching your goal. That means knowing when to regroup, change direction, or even pull the plug when something isnt working.

When you get feedback that youre not making progress, instead of quitting or making the excuse I tried, ask yourself, What are my current alternatives?

What is my next step? Then choose the best alternative and keep moving. Developing Your Blueprint: Living your life without a plan is like attempting to build a house without a blueprint. Your level of success in life is directly proportional to your level of planning and control. The least expensive blueprint organizer is a three-ring 8! Put a label on the cover that identifies the notebook as your blueprint for the current year.

The Givenizer is a complete system for planning and controlling your life. Specifically designed to incorporate all the strategies you can use to create your own blueprint, it includes sections of your Dreams List, Goals List, Values List, Action Plans, and Daily Activities List.

Discovering Your Dreams: When I was just eighteen, I quite inadvertently did something that changed the rest of my life. I created a Dreams List. Which was to set my direction and give me the momentum to make something of myself. Create your Dreams List as if you were outlining the high point of your autobiography Before you have lived it. Writing about your past limits you to the experiences you have already had. Writing about your imagined future has no such restraints.

You dont have to overcome limits, disadvantages, or anything else you feel you lack in order to imagine what you most want to experience from life. Although, some people may feel its easier to attempt to avoid disappointment by not wanting much, remember, those who ask little from life always get what they ask for -very little.

Hopes and wishes are generally random thoughts that possess little power or organization. A written Dreams List transforms hopes and wishes into a concrete framework for accomplishment. When you put your dreams down on paper, they become real, they become permanent, they crystallize.

If I had unlimited time, talent, money, knowledge, self-confidence, and support from my family, here is a list of everything I would like to do with my life. Live your life around your dreams and you live your life like it was meant to be. Generating Goals: Dont confuse your goals with your expectations. Expectations have to do with how you believe other people should behave, and how the world should bend at your command.

Your expectations may result in a large amount of grief, where as established goals will result in a large amount of satisfaction and success. The winning choice is clear: develop your goals, drop your expectations. It is a mistake to expect that you will accomplish any goal because you deserve it, or because there is something in your past that entitles you to it.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as deserve. You end up achieving in life because of planning and control. Goal setting is as important to the successful operation of your life as eating or sleeping. The only difference is that your life wont end if you dont set goals. However, without goals directing your life, you will miss out on much of your potential for experiencing the positive emotions of excitement, aliveness, enthusiasm, joy, and even happiness.

Without goals, you can end up living from problem to problem instead from opportunity to opportunity. Without goals, negative emotions are the predominant experience. But once youve learned the fine art of establishing goals, instead of negative emotions, positive emotions become your experience--emotions of motivation, excitement, a sense of achievement , a feeling of being in control, a dramatic increase in self-confidence and the ability to weather storms along the way.

Specific, means that you define a goal in terms that create a clear, concise mental picture of what you are after. Measurable, means that you quantify each goal, making it objective instead of subjective. The more specific and measurable your goal, the more quickly it can be accomplished. The greater the distance between where you are and where you want to be, the easier it is for doubt to become a factor.

The greater the level of difficulty you anticipate in reaching your goal, the easier it becomes to trigger amount. To eliminate destructive doubt, state your goals in terms that are believable to you. Your doubt about the accomplishment of any goal may be the result of your past experiences, a low level of self-confidence, or other attitudes about yourself programmed in your subconscious mind.

Through repetition your positive, present-tense affirmations can override the potentially self-defeating doubt programs in your subconscious mind. Non-written goals are unclear and nonspecific, with details that tend to change each time you think about them.

Putting each goal in written crystallizes it into a set of fixed details. The clearer the goal, the more easily it can be achieved. Each of your goals should be stated and written in one complete, powerful sentence beginning with an action verb. Action verbs establish movement, and the essence of any goal lies in moving where your are to where you want to be.

A target date is the realistic date by which you think your goal can be completed or reached. As you write each of your goals, set an initial target date for its completion. A target date is based in part on desire and in part on what is both possible and practical.

Setting target dates for all your goals establishes the velocity at which you will work to achieve them. Keep a list of your top-priority goals where you will see them the first thing every morning and the last thing every night. Seeing Success: Visualization is the process of creating a mental picture of what you want to happen as if it has already happened. The more clearly you can mentally picture how your life will be when your goal has been achieved, the easier it is for your mind to search out and spot the opportunities that are essential for accomplishment.

Visualizing a goal is like giving a direct order to your mind to apply its full power to the goals accomplishment. The power of visualization is also a strong motivator. Its effectiveness in accomplishing your goals in minimum time and with minimum effort is greatly enhanced when you add the power of visualization. Your mind goes from good performance in to high performance.

Whatever you visualize clearly and often will eventually become a part of your reality-your experience. Visualization is such a powerful tool for achieving your dreams and goals that as you become a pro at this life-experience-creating strategy, you must be careful to watch what you ask for, because you will get it.

Get into visualization of your goal by generating positive emotions and feelings about it. In your mind, set it, touch it, taste it, feel it, believe it, experience it, live it. Dont let negative thoughts and emotions enter the picture. Keep a copy of your Goals List next to your bed and glance at it before you turn out the lights. Then visualize the accomplishment of as many of your goals as possible.

During the six to eight hours you are asleep, your subconscious mixed will continue the process. It will organize, categorize, explore options and alternatives, and even come up with some of the elusive answers youve been looking for about how you are going to get from here to there.

Always picture your goals in the present tense.


Superself Charles Givens

Experiencing Your Super Self: All of your power to accomplish, your ability to be effective, make decisions, be happy, and to exert maximum personal control over your life, lies only in each succession of present moments. Live your life as most people do, and you will be forced to settle for what most people settle for. Your only point of power is in the present moment. In taking control of your life you must begin with a clean slate. That means dumping the garbage of the past and its hold on you. Given the opportunity, your past can stay around to haunt you.


Superself: Doubling Your Personal Effectiveness

Givens is famous for his powerful strategies that have helped millions of people along the road to success and financial freedom. He is the author of three number-one bestselling financial self-help books and now with Superself, Mr. Givens shows you how to achieve your fullest personal and business potential with a set of proven strategies that serve as an "operations manual" for your life. Givens himself, but for the thousands of others he has taught over the past eighteen years in his immensely popular national seminar programs. Now, this audio program will make it possible for anyone to learn the personal habits, the attitude of mind, and the time-saving strategies that create success! Charles J. Givens was an entrepreneur, investor, lecturer, television and radio personality, self-made millionaire, bestselling author, and a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist as well.


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They represent the underlying principles of nature that make the Success Strategies work, work all the time, and work for everyone. They represent the actions necessary to achieve a desired result, regardless of who you are. Objectivism Introduction Doing more of what doesn't work won't make it work any better. Live your life as most people do and you will be forced to settle for what most people settle for. Learn from the experiences of others, rather than your own. To design and control your future, you must first let go of your past.

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