The book cannot be shown to predate the 13th century, but may in parts date back to late antiquity. Like other obscure ancient texts such as the Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah , the work has been extant in a number of versions. The tradition around the book attributes it to have been revealed to Adam by the angel Raziel. The title itself is mentioned in another magical work of late antiquity, The Sword of Moses. Critical historians regard it as a medieval work, most probably originating among the Ashkenazi Hasidim , as citations from it begin to appear only in the 13th century.

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Home Contents Prev raziel Next timeline. Londinij 2 o Nouembris William Parry. In the publique lib. VRL 11r, Halle 5r, which call these de castigationibus Salomonis. And that thou will do consider in thy heart ere thou doe it. VRL multos deos. In marg: Idem. Sothness: truth. K: soothes. VRL, Halle: venerabilior "more venerable". K: worshipfuller. Know thou the tyme in which Solomon gate?

The name of this expounded in Latin is Angelus magnus secreti Creatoris. That is to say the great Angell of the secret Creator. And the 7 treatises of this booke be these. VRL Zamechton. Halle 6v: Zametlicon. VRL Karimazayl. Halle: kazymazayl. K: Kamazan. K: five. The fift is said the treatise of Cleanenesse for that there is determined in it of Abstinence.

And Then I began to write all these treatises in a new volume for that one treatise without another suffiseth not to the holynes of the worke; therefore I made an hole booke to be made of 7. And euerych treatise of these was written by it selfe, but although it be so it ought to be one booke alone by it selfe, for none of those should suffise without another wherefore, it is necessary that they be together. Halle: glarifacon. This paragraph is missing from VRL K: Methelis.

Dressed: prepared. Halle: exponebat "set it forth, published it". These proverbs Salomon said that a man beware well in this booke. Salomon said in this booke hit? Galls, especially oak galls were a common ingredient in preparing inks. The Sword of Moses has a prescription for ink made with 'black myrrh gall '. Gall nuts are prescribed in Le Grand Grimoire for the ink used for pacts with devils. K: clense.

On these magical incenses also see Bruno, De Magia. Adonay el Saday Iuvate me ad complendum voluntates meas cum arundine ista. And ordeyne so that when thou writest hold thou thy face toward the East. And write then from morro till to midday till that thou eate. And after that thou hast eaten or drunken thou shalt not write in it any thing. And glorify he god euermore. And put he his minde in w ch tymes of the iiij times of the yeare 24 he shall worke, or of the iiij tymes of the moneth or of the iiij times of the day with his night, or of the iiij times of an houre.

And euermore put he his mind to his foure tymes which they ought to be as invenies in libro p'p'harum. K: solleme. K: Semiforax. K: day. VRL curribus "chariots". K: towards. VRL and the Halle ms leave half a page blank here for the intended figure, but they are never rendered. And Salomon said that the shafte of this key is as Raziel said to Adam vnite or one head. After that we haue said hitherto it behoueth us to say for this booke that is said of the key of the 7 bretherne.

And these 7 bretherne haue among themself And in eich reme beth xxx cities. And the elder is more hevy among all other. And the middle in the middle more ordinate then all. And other letle be in the br middle on? So thlie? And these 7 brethern said Solomon be:. K: 'realmes' here and in other passages. K: they. And Salomon put names to the 12 remes of germaynes. And they be said signes. And he beginneth to make distinction.

And of this vertue he is in the reme of the East. And afterward he gaue to the faire Noge i. And so he hath enherited hit in tway parties. And when he gaue to the Paintor which is the writer that is Mercuries twey remes, of which one hath twey men embraced that is clipping together himselfe. And he gaue to the Malis? VRL Et deinde dedit discurrenti labana i.

K: Malix. And then remayned twey bretherne of the party of the South. Know ye heere the natures of Signes. The forth is haminu [or hamina] i. Sol, middle among other hole? After that it is seuered from them. As an Emperour in his empire, or as a prince in his lordship. And they hau might on the 7 parties which we seyne Climates.

And know thou that these bene mighty upon all beasts heere formed. East, West, South, North. And with this together ledde and moued all things moueable of the commaundement of God that put them in their places. And this corruption resteth not neither is made weary of the which we understand that the nether bodies mought not excuse the ouer bodies.

And things beneath by the contrarie hau death with dolour. And all prophets sayn that if these lacked any one of the ouer bodies that is of these that be much aboue X. And if there failed one of the 7 brettern the Earth should come againe to his first stake, when all the Elements were cintuse. And know thou as the 4 Elements be turned downward they be not turned without some reason of the 7 aboue. And when the Moone is destroyed the ligatures or bindinges of the Sea be destroyed.

And Venus the fayrer parties of the world. And as oft as Sol were in Ariete so many yeares unlike he geueth unto us. And as oft as Saturne were in Libra so many mutations he giueth in lands. And Hermes said this reason upon them heads of beasts. Saturne hath the right eare, [Jupiter the left. Mercury the mouth.

And Salomon said when I found a Spirite aboue retrograde or combust, or euill treated. Thus I say that his body was euill treated beneath in which it was like or he signified in hit.

In marg: OP1. The severall Signes also of the Zodiack take care of their members. So Aries governs the head, and face, Taurus the neck, Gemini the armes, K: signification.


Liber Salomonis

Home Contents Prev raziel Next timeline. Londinij 2 o Nouembris William Parry. In the publique lib.


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Paper: “A Magic Book attributed to Adam: The Liber Razielis”


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