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By Anthony Silard. Your passion is the one thing you offer the world that can never be duplicated, outsourced, or silenced.

In this landmark book, leadership guru Anthony Silard offers a clear guide to discovering your true passion and living it every day.

The Connection teaches you how to bring balance, purpose, and passion to all aspects of your life with simple exercises that help you transform your lofty dreams into concrete goals. Connect your deepest values to your everyday existence and change yourself—and the world—for the better. It will help the reader firmly ground him- or herself in values that spring from deep within, and then embark mindfully on a path toward meaning, joy, and unconditional self-acceptance.

This, witty, and readable book is a must for anyone seeking to get the most out of life. In the current economy, many are finding themselves suddenly out of employment or forced to continue with unsatisfying work—even jobs that are in direct conflict with their actual values. Add to this dynamic the proliferation of texting, emails, and smart phones, and it is not difficult to understand why our personal lives have begun to lose purpose and joy.

Now, more than ever, we crave deep connections both with others and within ourselves. By interweaving global philosophies from East to West, The Connection offers a holistic view of success and happiness that brings purpose, value, and deep fulfillment to every aspect of your life. Through dozens of strategies, personal stories, inspiring quotes, and insightful anecdotes, author Anthony Silard demonstrates that your passion is one of the only things you have that cannot be outsourced.

The Connection forges a clear path to an authentic and passionate you that has always been there just waiting to be discovered. His uplifting message and engaging workshops have attracted the attention of thousands of executives from Fortune companies such as IBM, Disney, and Bank of America; international organizations such as CARE, Save the Children, and the World Bank; aspiring entrepreneurs; and individuals alike.

He also teaches the only leadership program in Washington, D. His personal vision is to help people make a heart connection with themselves and others that enables them to create personal and social change. Silard holds a masters degree in public policy from Harvard University, where he earned several awards for his groundbreaking work in leadership studies. The Connection is a beautifully crafted tapestry of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and extremely useful models that are easy to apply to your own life.

Silard has proven himself the new master of the personal leadership genre. Anthony Silard, a man who walks the walk and the talk, combines a disarming humility with a confident, penetrating wisdom into who we are and what motivates us at our core. Anyone interested in developing their self-mastery, interpersonal, and communication skills should read this valuable book!

Author Anthony Silard gives profound insight into human motivation and the world. Reading this book was like getting an education in the secret of life and success. The Connection reveals a simple truth: the secret to enduring success individually and professionally rests in creating a life where your daily actions are aligned with your deeper values and vision.

Silard draws a clear and concise map toward inner fulfillment, enhanced purpose, and directedness. This book will cause anyone who reads it to reflect more deeply on what truly makes life worth living! Anthony Silard teaches how to make, build, activate, and shape a strong, dynamic, and expansive life of heart driven thinking. Insightful, inspiring, and sound, Silard demonstrates a deep understanding of human behavior with refreshing clarity and humor. Make the mental shift to self-actualization by following his practical examples that build on qualities and values of excellence.

The Connection certainly delivers on its promise. The Connection is a powerful and practical step-by-step guide aimed at focusing and balancing life. This book is a must-read for us action-oriented people!

In The Connection , Anthony Silard inspires us with his own journey and the wisdom of ancient traditions, sharing enlightening exercises and lucid models that amount to a how-to guide for discovering and achieving a life of purpose and balance.

A true masterpiece! Tony has a way of being that is authentic and welcoming. His passion and commitment [is] evident. Tony is an example of a confident, compassionate, gentle person who has made a difference in this world. He is very special and a treasure. Read The Connection. His book The Connection is an affirmation of the beauty and higher calling within each of us.

It will help the reader firmly ground him or herself in values that spring from deep within, and then embark mindfully on a path toward meaning, joy, and unconditional self-acceptance. You, too, will be forever changed by reading The Connection. This wise, witty, and readable book is a must for anyone seeking to get the most out of life. For the past two decades, I have coached thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Through my coaching work, I help people realize their potential, transform their dreams into reality, and make a difference in the world.

In other words, your personal character—defined by how you live your life and the decisions you make—is the single most important determinant of what you will accomplish in your career and life. My work has been focused on this intersection of personal development and leadership. Over and over, I have personally witnessed what enables people living in all kinds of circumstances to experience success and happiness, and I have dedicated my career to helping thousands of people identify and move beyond the self-created obstacles that stand in their way.

My intention in writing this book is to share the insights I have gained from my experience with you so you can identify and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your best-laid plans.

How do you uncover and surmount these obstacles? Through what I call The Connection. Connection to what? The Connection to yourself, to others, and to a higher calling. You make The Connection by connecting your passion, values, and dreams with your actions and everyday relationships. Success is one of our most widely misinterpreted concepts because it is entirely self-defined.

No one else can tell you what it is: you are the only person who can define what success means in your life. You only experience success when you live your dreams. This is the only option available if you wish not merely to exist but to live. To live your dreams, you must be in tune with your passion—what it is, where it comes from, what fuels it—and then connect this passion with what you do and how you act, every single day of your life.

I consider myself extremely blessed to be living the life that I do. Nothing could be further from the truth: it took me an incredible amount of hard work and determination to uncover my own potential for success. My childhood was fraught with divorce and physical abuse from a stepfather. While my mother eventually removed this source of negativity from our family by divorcing him, I would never forget the feeling of being powerless in my own home—of having a stranger come into my house, sleep with my mother, and beat me up.

I blamed my parents for my low self-esteem and social awkwardness. I felt like a victim. I hid myself behind mathematics and baseball. They were the only things in my life I could do well.

At Berkeley, I experienced, for the first time in my life, other students taking a genuine interest in my opinion. My self-image started to become stronger, and I began to realize that there was more to life than math homework and the batting cages. I went to England for my junior year of college. I traveled throughout Europe and to Morocco, where I came face-to-face with extreme poverty for the first time.

I realized that, far from being a victim, I was actually very fortunate to be able to travel and live abroad. I discovered the good friend that had always been waiting for me within myself. I started to understand myself beyond the narrow, survival-based self-image I had formed during my childhood. I realized that, unlike a geometry proof, there was no easy answer in which to take shelter. I was evolving in new directions and becoming more nuanced and thoughtful as a human being.

During that year in Europe, far from family and friends at home, I made a revolutionary decision: to finally take personal responsibility for my life. From that momentous day, everything in my life shifted irrevocably. When I returned to America a few months later, nothing was the same.

After a while, however, I realized it was I who was no longer the same. I allowed myself to pursue my natural passions and interests. I took up acting. I started taking physically disabled people swimming twice a week. I became outspoken about poverty and international development, sitting at the front of the class and engaging my professors and other students in heated debate. For the first time in my life, I cared less about what other people thought of me and more about what was right.

Now that I was no longer living in a place of fear, I felt a renewed self-confidence and a tremendous appreciation for what life had to offer. I felt an entirely new, inexpressible sense of humility, self-value, and personal power upon realizing how much need exists in the world and that I could do something about it. I had made The Connection with the needs of others and my higher Self, and, as a result, began a process of deep personal transformation that has given me the power to shape the course of my life.

My work with others has since taught me that every single human being is absolutely capable of this kind of major personal change. To this day, the memories of being afraid in my own home provide a profound inner fuel that permeates every ounce of my being. I know firsthand the difference between feeling powerless and feeling empowered, and that anyone is capable of making this shift. Because of this internal learning, no vocation since then has made any sense to me other than helping those who feel powerless to access the power they deserve in their lives.

This drive to help others led me to volunteer for the Peace Corps after I graduated from college. I spent two years in Kenya, beginning my stint by teaching children at a small school in a rural village. My experiences in Kenya took my understanding of personal empowerment to a whole new level. I saw people in very difficult conditions taking action to make their lives and communities better.

Even more importantly, however, I witnessed in myself and others the profound power of interpersonal connection and the ability of this connection to become the catalyst for tremendous change in anyone. I experienced firsthand a core dynamic of The Connection: how truly connecting with others transforms us and enables us to experience higher, expanded levels of success, happiness, and meaning in our lives. After the first six months in Africa, the racial and cultural divisions I had initially perceived between myself and others faded; the people in this foreign land that I found myself in began to shine into my consciousness as individuals with all their beauty and idiosyncrasies; the residents of the small rural region of Kenya a few hours inland from Mombasa known as the Taita Hills, most of them subsistence farmers, became my close friends and community.


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The Connection: Link Your Deepest Passion, Purpose, and Actions to Make a Difference in the World


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