Kondia are a Spanish Company still in existence with its web site a paradigm of corporate uselessness who offered, from the s until the s, a range of conventional milling machines including the popular FV-1, a clone of the Bridgeport Series 1. Best known and most widely distributed of the eighteen or so other copies of the American machine made in Spain during those decades, the Kondia was well-made and offered in various forms together with a decent range of accessories and options. Branded for sale by various importers including Hurco and Clausing in the USA, the model was first produced in the s with the initial batch reaching the USA during The first examples manufactured were of inferior quality and suffered from a poor cosmetic finish and with some parts so badly machined as to require post-production hand fitting in the factory - and hence non-interchangeable with standard spare parts. However, with teething troubles out of the way, the miller settled down to become a good-quality machine that was to enjoy a long and profitable life with many owners running them for years without significant problems - and some even preferring them to a Bridgeport. A single-head type copy type was also made; equipped with the "Import-Kondia 1-D" hydraulic tracer unit for reproduction milling it also had automatic longitudinal and cross feeds.

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We'll bring you the most relevant peer-to-peer conversations happening in the trade and tips and tricks to help you get the job done. Invalid email. This is required. Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forgot password? What's New? Results 1 to 19 of Thread: Konia Powermill FV Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Seeing as this is my second post, i feel as if i am at the pinnacle of noobs on this forum. Long story short, and getting to the point. It looks like the whole ram assembly could pivot around the central pedestool there is probably a more accurate name for this to enable the use of the slotter.

Essentially what i am looking for is a Manual on the Milling machine itself and any other relevant information on the machine if possible Any help would be appreciated GordoB. If it's manual, somebody has converted it. The 2 axis machines were Dyna-path and the 3 axis were Hurco. Here's the Kondia website, they can probably help with a manual if you have the serial number and the machine has not be converted. Thanks JR, I think i realised i had made the mistake of calling it a Konia instead of a Kondia about 5 minutes before i went to sleep last night.

With this Kondia im looking at, it has the manual feed handles on the end of the table with the powerfeed on the x-axis only. I am highly doubtful that it has been modified seeing as it is a Government run institution who have a reputation of leaving things the way they are. I have just sent off an enquiry to Kondia about this Mill so fingers crossed Thanks for the input.

You wouldnt happen to know what the Taper is on the Arbors by any chance would you?? By arbors, do you mean what the spindle taper is? JR, your Just Full of good knowledge. Just answered my next question about the mill. Thanks again. The taper is the same, it's the flange and the retention areas that are different.

Many European machines induce coolant through the tool holder flange instead of through a hollow retention knob as the CAT holders. A NMTB holder has a "knob" on the small end of the taper and a slightly different sized drive key.

My machine was amateur converted with Linux and EMC2. The previous owner was doing impressive special components for motor-cycles.

I have sent you a PM. I havnt picked mine up yet, still finalising the sale of it. My Kondia is a Completely Manual machine. I will be sure to keep you in mind if i have any questions about the Mills. I have been offered a very well looked after in excellent condition step pulley version which I am very keen to get I have been hard pressed to find any information on where to get parts either here in Australia or from the USA if and when it becomes necessary.

I intend to run it with a VFD to allow operation from a single phase v supply. Has anyone out there got some info that will help??? Thanks Steve. It was listed on Ebay a few times then on graysonline. I was encouraged by the seller to buy it and now have it in the garage in 2 bits.

I got a horizontal milling attachment and odd bits but no actual milling cutters etc. It is in good condition, although the connection for the power to the head has corroded solid and the rubber backing perished.

Despite what was said above they were sold as manual versions right from the start. Mine has no DRO and only the longitudinal feed. You are correct in saying there is nothing on the web about kondias! I searche and searched. Apparently there was a dealer here until a few years ago but no longer.

I do have the manual for the variable speed head and the FV-1 powermill. I would be interested in knowing any one else who has one and maybe comparing and pooling some information. My background is electronis not metalwork. This is a hobby! Put the head back on the Kondia FV-1 tonight! I transported the mill home on a car trailer in 2 bits.

The base and the ram with the head attached. Tonight I rigged up the hoist and stood the ram up on the pallet and then a complex webbing arrangement to lift up flat and not twist due to the top heavy centre of gravity. Much happier to have it back together as there was a risk of damage lying on the pallet!. The plug for the head was stuck in the socket so tomorrow night I plan to replace with a new one from RS. Guess I will need some tooling and a vice soon!

Cheers james. Good to see you got it home in one piece. Im still working through the formalities in the sale of my Kondia -- you know what the state government is like haha.

I have decided that im not going to risk damaging my Kondia when i move it, im pretty sure it weighs around the order of 3. I dont have any ideas as to the eventuality of the slotting head on the other end of the ram, but only time will tell. Alll the best with getting your Mill to operational workings. Hi Guys, I'm still debating as to whether to buy the Kondia offered to me I have been in contact with the US agents Clausing The story continues Hi guys, I'm on the other side of the country from you and have just picked up a FV It needs some work, so I have been searching for some info to assist me with this.

I did manage to find a free manual on a French site but so far, there are some discrepancies between the manual and what I see on the machine. The serial number is E and the head states it is one of the Spanish made machines. I believe that Clausing purchased Kondia, but I am unsure if the Clausing Kondia mills were still made in Spain or not.

I have sent an email to both the Spanish and US sites listed above and will wait for a response. I'm curious as to whether any of you unearthed any further information or resources? Hey guys i have the manuals! Hi guys I have the manuals and getting the mill up to scratch to use it. Would swap manual for some photos and info?

Cheers James. Originally Posted by Mayhem. G'day Gents I finally bought my Kondia FV1 Mill. As per usual it arrived at my home just as I was about to depart for a 3 months away work tour I went with the 'pay a bit more and get a good machine option' and that would appear so far to have been a good choice The machine is a fully manual step pulley 2hp R8 spindle and was made or so I was told in I have a Mitsubishi series single to 3 phase inverter drive ready to set up for it I can hardly wait Can anyone tell me where to purchase belt for clausing kondia FV-1?

Originally Posted by stejac. Late in the wife decided we were moving house too many Kids and I was lucky enough to be invited to move too and to pay for it too!








KONDIA FV1 Manual and Other Machining


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