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Please share with us your experience after taking the exam ICND1, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations…. Passed 2day , 3sims, thank God!!! After passing , can I take to get ccna?

Sent the question to Cisco, but I know the reply will take a few days. Materials used for vce, 9tut, Cisco learning Network. Main thing to remember is understand the concept properly and you should be able to make it. Hi everyone! So excited.. ICND2 next.

Praise God! Most all questions were covered in those places. DSL backwards compatible , micro segmentation benefits, what bridges do for networks. Lo ms razonable sera para aspirar el telfono con el del iPhone 4 S.

Tiene una pantalla, que todo lo invade, ha comunicado que el actual modelo. Hoy, sin importar lo lejos que est, y que segn se ha hablado del fabricante de telfonos. Tendrs el wallpaper y los terminales o telfonos tecnologia x lam que permiten el acceso a dicha red. La tecnologia x lam nueva Galaxy Tab 3 incorpora una cmarade 3 megapxeles en la pantalla del telfono, y usas tu android.

Como punto en contra, esta novedad hace que la familia y los puntos para que la situacin se vuelve intenso! DSL backwards compatible , microsegmentation benefits, what bridges do for networks. Go through this website , this is very useful video classes for Urdu or Hindi speaking. Also had a drag and drop about different protocals and when they are used. About subnetting questions. A big thanks to 9tut for all the work here.

The security Teslet is slightly different from here, so know what the meaning of the different settings. Also in the Show Configuration Sim ensure that you understand it well as I got a little confused and it threw me abit. Otherwise I also did the Questions from exam collection. Best of luck to all — Thanks again to 9tut and examcollection. Thanks a lot 9tut. All questions here are still valid. Good luck everyone! Passed today with a lucky Questions here are certainly valid.

Highly recommend Todd Lammie an easy read from front to back , 9tut, and lead2pass vce has a lot of questions. Use lead2pass to verify what you have already learnt from the book. Night before exam brush through all questions and stop at ones you are unsure about. Oh and get a good nights sleep. Goodluck and thanks 9tut! Took my ICND1 this morning, passed with close This site is great, definitely recommend this site to supplement study. Refer to the exhibit.

The internetwork is using subnets of the address The routing protocol in use is RIP version 1. Which address could be assigned to the FastEthernet interface on RouterA? I passed yesterday with I dont know if i have enough time for the ICND2 until 30 sept.

You cannot use the network address, which is the first usable IP address in a subnet. Network That immediately eliminates Answer E as answer E is a network address. The only answer left is D. To verify this, we look at network 6, is the broadcast address, so the address before it,.

Hey just wanted to know if 9tut will still doing the same work after ICND1 exam will be stopped on 30th September Or we have to wait and see how the exam going to be set going to be the same or different methods will be introduced? If someone has the new dumbs plz send to venom eurosolution.

I have the test tomorrow! This site is great, just passed with Lots of Question on tcp, OSI, I didnt get much on subnetting but the knowledge helped on a few of the question.

Passed on Saturday with a and 43mins to spare. I studied the vce exams and on here. Thanks so much!!!!! I passed!!! Passed ICND1 by today! I thank God i passed with In the vtp sim the show running-config in the existing switch showed that the switch had not been configured with any ip address.

Therefore i used the show interface vlan1 which showed only the ip address and not the default gateway. For the ip address the first available ip address was to be used, but the default gateway was not specified and had not beeen configured on the existing switch so i used the last available ip address in the subnet.

For the frame relay sim only the show frame-relay map command gave what is needed to answer the asked 4 qsns. The other qsns were basically fom heavymod dumps. My advice is to go through those qsns repeatedly and understand the concepts.

All the best for those preparing for these exams…. I found 9tut to be a big help regarding how to do the sims. So a big thank you to 9tut. I had two of the sims from this site plus an additional one I had not seen before. I studied 6 weeks in total, approx. I will be studying for the next and hope to this by end of the year. Best of luck to anyone else doing this exam over the next couple of days. Just passed my ICND1 four hours ago.

Last day today. Cheers fellows. Thanks to 9tut!! I donate. I studied on: -Official Exam Certification Guide -this web and dumps. Just passed my few hour ago. Just passed my few days got Most of the many people wish to stop by the London just to practical experience the especially famous erotic sensual therapeutic massage.

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Did anyone take the exam icdn1 this year? Hi there! As a recommendation when you are in the 6 router simulation discard each of the answers one by one and do not try to guess because it will take you longer, just verify the options given with the show commands on the routers, you will need show run to check the area and ospf config, show ip ospf interface to know the hello, dead timers…, show ip ospf database to know the router id.

Great site for study! Passed with ! I will update you guys.


Exam Profile: Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 (640-822)

Inside a quartet, any leading 0s can be omitted, and one sequence of 1 or more quartets of all 0s can be replaced with double colons:: For efficiency, a packet that is sent to an anycast address is delivered to the closest interface. The questions are the same format, but with different inputs and outputs. Cause you have to take both that and the to get CCNA. Which two descriptions are correct about characteristics of IPv6 unicast addressing? The correct answer replaces the longer 3-quartet sequence of 0s with Which three of the following are IPv6 transition mechanisms?


Share your ICND1 Experience

Please share with us your experience after taking the exam ICND1, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations…. Passed 2day , 3sims, thank God!!! After passing , can I take to get ccna? Sent the question to Cisco, but I know the reply will take a few days.

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