Iata o carte revolutionara, cea pe care o asteptam cu totii! Iata cartea despre aliment, despre industria alimentara, care ne invata nu numai ce sa mancam, ci si care sunt alimentele nocive de care trebuie sa ne ferim! Este o carte unica! Si spunem asta pentru ca autorul, prof. Mencinicopschi este doctor in biologie-biochimie, specialist in nutritiv umana, biologie moleculara, inginerie genetica si, nu in ultimul rand, in aliment, alimentatie si industrie alimentara. Mai bine zis, domnul professor stie!

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Former minister of Youth and Sports, Monica Iacob-Ridzi was sentenced to five years in prison in a final decision ruled on February 16 this year. She was sent to jail for abuse of office regarding events organized on Youth Day in The former minister was initially incarcerated at Gherla Penitentiary in Cluj-Napoca, but she was transferred at the hospital of Jilava Penitentiary due to her health condition later on in March. Subsequently she has returned to Gherla prison. At the end of March, Ridzi filed a request for her sentence call-off, arguing she has various diseases, among whom thrombophilia.

Soon after being imprisoned she slammed prison conditions and the scarce medical system in jail, arguing that for a sick person like her a prison conviction is similar to a death sentence. In March this year, the doctor sent President Iohannis a pardon request, arguing he is also suffering of various diseases.

I have been editor-in-chief at the Romanian Journal for 5 years and in the Romanian and English-based news editing for 20 years, mostly reporting for the Politics and Society columns. I graduated in journalism in , having worked as a print editor since then.

Print and radio correspondent during college days. BA degree in journalism and MA in advertising. The expertise in both print and online has allowed me to learn both sides of content and I am still learning and improving myself I am a keen observer of reality, favoring strong interpersonal communication, I define myself more like a colleague rather than a chief and a fan of brainstorming and team work. Passionate about reading, writing, storytelling, psychology and traveling.

Court of Bucharest confirmed: Astra Asigurari went bankrupt officially. Coface: Agricultural productivity is three times lower in Romania than the EU average. Liviu Dragnea remains in prison. Ex-Health minister Sorina Pintea to be tried under judicial control in her corruption…. Former Husi bishop, detained under the charge of rape and sexual abuse against former….

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By Alina Grigoras Last updated Dec 3, Share Facebook Twitter Print. Alina Grigoras. Alina Grigoras, Editor-in-Chief I have been editor-in-chief at the Romanian Journal for 5 years and in the Romanian and English-based news editing for 20 years, mostly reporting for the Politics and Society columns. You might also like More from author. Prev Next. Leave A Reply. Sign in. Welcome, Login to your account.

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Si noi ce mai mancam Prof Dr Gheorghe Mencinicopschi






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