Sede legale: Via A. An integrated system to help your projects take shape Domotics The domotic systems offer cutting-edge solutions for smart home and building management and control, guaranteeing safety, comfort and energy savings along with Italian design. Power The technologically advanced range of modular and moulded-case devices joins the vast range of distribution boards and cabinets, enclosures and combined boards to create the Gewiss Protection System. Building The GEWISS connection and distribution system includes a technologically advanced range of junction boxes, special containers, enclosures, distribution boards as well as devices for industrial connections. Lighting Lighting systems designed for every room, area and location.

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Facebook Google Linkedin. Do you have an account? Sign in. Remember me the next time. Did you forget your password? Do not have an account? Sign Up. Sign up now. Welcome, Check the list of your notifications:. Domotics Lighting Building Power. Save in your list Sign in Sign Up. No lists available. Cancel Save. An advanced control system that complies with European Standard EN , for the transmission and management of data in building automation applications.

The KNX BUS is an open solution, and as such it provides a crucial guarantee of compatibility between products made by different manufacturers. Furthermore, it is synonymous with reliability, flexibility and reduced installation times.

Gewiss Code. Gewiss Code GW Current supplied max mA. DIN modules 4. Reset push-button for restoring all the devices connected to the BUS line. The maximum number of devices that can be powered is calculated on the basis of their absorption. Gewiss Code GWA. Functions Coupler - Repeater. DIN modules 2.

Gewiss Code GWB. Max USB cable length 5 m. DIN modules 1. NOTES: equipped with coupling terminal for connection to bus.

Gewiss Code GWU. Description USB key. Dimensions LxHxD mm 60x19x NOTES: equipped with screw terminal for connection to the bus. Gewiss Code GWA Supports up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Supply voltage 12 V dc - 1 A. Colour White. License type Without license. Dimensions mm xx License type With unlimited license. The management of the functions and the access to the data of the system is cloud-based and takes place through a dedicated App for PC, smartphone and tablet. GWA the access to the cloud services is free of charge for a first period after the purchase. After that period, the payment of the service can be made in a lump sum or with annual tranches.

Please, refer to the www. Description Unlimited license for Smart Gateway. Display 7". Dimensions LxHxD mm xx The panel is based on SIP protocol with H. NOTES: wall-mounting. Power supply - din rail mounting. Rated coil voltage V 24V dc - 2. NOTES: to supply 7" touch panels. Touch push-button panels KNX 6-channel touch push-button panel module with interchangeable symbols. Chorus modules 3.

Each channel can be personalised using a set of adhesive icons. The device's touch commands can only be activated with the plate mounted: therefore, to configure the module the ICE Touch KNX plates or alternative the test plate GW must be used. To be configured with ETS software. NOTES: equipped with coupling terminal with protection lid, for connection to BUS, and with set of icons to personalise the functions of each channel. Description 6 touch areas.

For support codes GW The plates have 6 capacitive touch areas. NOTES: the symbols shown in the picture are indicative only: they can be personalised using the set of adhesive icons included in the touch push-button module package. The code of the plate is unique and independent from the number of channels that you want to activate from 1 to 6. Test plate for KNX and Easy 6-channel touch push-button panel modules with interchangeable symbols.

Description Test plate. KNX 6-channel touch push-button panel module. Description 2 symbols. Description 4 symbols. Description 6 symbols. Contact interfaces KNX 2- and 4-channel contacts interfaces.

Max cable length 10 m. Dimensions LxHxD mm 38x32x The reading voltage SELV is generated inside the device. The slot on the plastic casing also allows it to be fixed with screws. NOTES: equipped with coupling terminal for connection to the BUS, and unshielded cables for connecting the inputs, of length 30 cm extendible to 10m with unshielded twisted cable. The universal input channels can be configured as inputs for push-buttons or conventional potential-free contacts, analogue inputs The device has 8 amber LEDs for signalling the status of the inputs.

Input voltage V dc, V ac. Max cable length m. Miniature lamps with wired lead and LED lamp. Supply voltage 3. Lamp LED. Colour Blue. Cable Colour Blue - Black. Cable Colour White - Black. Colour Red.

Cable Colour Red - Black. Colour Green. Cable Colour Green - Black. Colour Amber. Cable Colour Amber - Black. NOTES: the miniature lamps are equipped with power cables. In this case, the maximum current consumption is less than 1mA.

Blanking modules for housing 2- and 4-channel contact interface. Chorus modules 1. Colour Black. Colour Titanium. Allows the housing and fast identification of the 2- and 4-channel contact interface.

NOTES: embedded coupling.


Chorus - Building Automation KNX BUS

With a commitment to choosing sustainable materials and minimising waste, P2 wanted to improve the general light level throughout its workshop and warehouse to ensure workers had a high quality of light to work in. In a sector like that of rubber processing, particularly delicate in terms of environmental issues, Yokohama is leading the way: their range of green tyres and their commitment to environmental protection demonstrate this, as does the use of Smart [4] devices for lighting of the Italian branch of the company, replacing the fluorescent luminaires fitted previously. The beautiful plates in oxidised iron serve simply as confirmation from an aesthetic perspective that the Chorus system is perfectly integrated within this prestigious farmhouse, offering state-of-the-art solutions for home and building management and control, with a host of new, cutting-edge technologies. Accordingly, Chorus represents a significant example of the way in which modern functions can enhance and enrich a good restoration project, guaranteeing comfort, energy savings and security. Indeed, Chorus manages the systems for lighting, heating and access to the property, in addition to the burglar alarm system which reacts to break-in attempts by switching on the outside lights and alerting the connected security service.


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