Park End Electricals supply a turnkey solution to your biomass needs. We supply, install and service state-of-the-art Froling boilers, with our own fully qualified electrical and plumbing engineers we guarantee to deliver the project from start to completion. Our experience in the installation of Biomass boilers extends over 10 years' for both commercial, industrial and domestic use of boiler over 45Kw. We have extensive experience of getting biomass heat into homes with the minimal of fuss. In some cases this means existing boilers can be left in place and we simply inject the heat into your home.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Operating Instructions Turbomatic 28 - 55 kW. Be sure to read and comply with the operating instructions and safety. Table of Contents. Please read and observe the operating instructions and always keep them close to the boiler for reference. Page 5 Contents 3. Page 7 Product overview Pos. Description Symb. Page 8: Safety Safety Safety information 2 Safety 2.

Incorrect use of the boiler can cause severe injuries and damage! The instructions and information provided in the instructions should be observed! Details on procedure for operation, maintenance and cleaning, as well as troubleshooting for the boiler are included in the individual instructions.

Page 9: Permitted Uses Safety Permitted uses 2. It should be operated in accordance with the instructions, observing safety precautions, and you should ensure you are aware of the potential hazards. Page Pellets Safety Safety information Pellets Wood pellets made from natural wood with a diameter of 6 - 10 mm Exception: When using a pellet suction system the maximum diameter is of the wood pellets is limited to 6 mm.

If the fuel is changed e. Page Design Information Safety Design information 2. Always comply with all fire, building, and electrical regulations when installing or operating the boiler system, in addition to following the operating instructions and mandatory regulations that apply in the country in which the boiler is operated. The supply air must be drawn in directly from outside. Exhaust air must be discharged directly outside.

Page Return Feed Lift Safety Design information Return feed lift If the hot water return feed is below the minimum return feed temperature, some of the hot water outfeed will be mixed in.

Condensation water forms an aggressive condensate when combined with combustion residue, leading to damage to the boiler. Page Draught Limiter Safety Design information Draught limiter We recommend that a draught limiter is fitted A Install the draught limiter directly under the mouth of the flue line, as there is always low pressure there. Boiler data for constructing the flue gas system: Description Units Flue gas temperature Page Safety Devices Safety Safety devices 2.

Never use the main switch. The pumps continue to run. Page Residual Risks Safety Emergency procedure 2. Hot parts and the flue pipe can cause serious burns! It should be standard practice to wear protective gloves when working on the boiler. Only operate the boiler using the handles provided for this purpose. Page Emergency Procedure Safety Residual risks 2. Turn off the boiler by pressing the button for 5 seconds Under no circumstances use the main switch! Open all mixer taps, switch on all pumps.

The under-pressure from the blowing could bring smoke back into the store. The following points must be observed for emergency firewood operation: Operate only in exceptional cases We accept no responsibility for damage caused by continuous emergency operation!

Connect a thermal discharge safety device to the safety battery Feed based on output Page 26 Operating the system Heating up the boiler When the boiler has cooled off: Remove the burn-out opening from the combustion chamber Push the guide plates in the U-profiles up and remove Check the guide plates for dirt.

Clean where necessary. Insert the burn-out plate with the cutouts 1 behind the U-profiles Insert the guide plates at the U Page Boiler Servicing Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4 Boiler servicing 4. Incorrect or insufficient cleaning and maintenance of the boiler can cause serious faults in combustion e.

Page Service Mode Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4. So clean the boiler regularly! Page Monthly Cleaning Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4. Page Removing Ash From The Cleaning System Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance Removing ash from the cleaning system For Turbomatic Open the side cleaning door and remove the ash We recommend that you use an ash vacuum.

For optional automatic heat exchanger ash removal unit: Empty rear ash box 1 Cleaning the flue gas sensors On flue gas pipe Page Annual Check Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4. The following applies for the annual check: Turn off the main switch on the switch cabinet when the boiler has cooled off Cleaning the smoke flue pipe Clean the connecting pipe between the boiler and the chimney regularly with a chimney sweeping brush Page Cleaning The Combustion Air Blower Fan Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the combustion air blower fan Unscrew 4 screws on the blower fan and take off the protective grating Clean the running wheel and protective grating cloth, compressed air, Put the protective grating back on and fix with screws Switch the main switch on the switch cabinet back on Regular maintenance and servicing by a heating specialist will ensure a long, trouble-free service life for your heating system.

It will ensure that your system stays environmentally-friendly and operates efficiently and cost-effectively. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting 5. These conditions have been made available to customers, and customers have been made aware of them at the time of order completion. You can also find the guarantee conditions on the enclosed guarantee certificate. This manual is also suitable for: Turbomatic 70 - kw.

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Froling Turbomatic 28 - 55 kW Operating Instructions Manual



Froling Turbomatic 28 - 55 kW Manuals


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