I contenuti del corso di elettrotecnica di base e di macchine elettriche forniti non sono in grado di sviluppare questi aspetti nel dattaglio ma si pongono come obiettivo quello di dare agli studenti le basi teoriche necessarie per comprendere il funzionamento dei componenti e delle reti elettriche che costituiscono gli elementi fondamentali alla transizione elettrica. Electrical Circuit Theory and Electrical Machines are key subjects in the so-called electrical transition that involves the use of electricity in all human activities. The two main aspects concern mobility and energy sustainability through the conversion of natural energy into electricity, progressively abandoning the use of fossil fuels. The contents of the basic electrical and electrical machines course provided, are not able to develop these aspects in detail but are aimed at giving students the theoretical basis necessary for understanding the behaviour of the components and electrical networks that make up the fundamental elements to the electrical transition. The course, divided into two parts, aims to provide: - The main concepts about analysis of electrical and magnetic circuit with particular attention to aspects of DC and AC industrial frequency ; - Methodological bases for analyzing the operating principles and key operational concepts of electromechanical equipment and in general a rational, proper and safe use of electrical equipment; - The operating principles and tools to evaluate the performance of the main electrical machinery, in view of their applications in industrial processes. Concetti di base di elettromagnetismo con particolare riferimento al campo elettrostatico, al campo di corrente, al campo magnetostatico ed ai campi lentamente variabili.

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