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Se trouver dans l'axe d'alignement d'un faisceau d'irradiation de liaison de RH. Its bad luck? To find itself in the direct line of a beam of radiation from the Hertzian Repeater. This palm tree has been killed by the Gigahertz of microwave radiation from the Hertzian repeater HR. The link-up beam of microwave radiation from the two HRs goes exactly through the palm tree. The result: a sentence of death. Its branches have collapsed and are no longer green, but all brown as if they have been scorched.

The palm tree is one of the trees that resists heat the best. There are many others nearby and they are all alive and thriving. So it is not bad luck or heat that has killed this palm tree, but human stupidity and greed!

That is what has caused this environmental pollution from the artificial microwave radiation generated by the unchecked growth of Hertzian repeaters. In France there are now almost 3 times more Hertzien repeaters than relay antenna sites! And most of them are illegal, since none of them respect the statutory limits. In the last few years the environment in the whole country has become totally polluted by the Hertzian beams used for mobile telephony, which will soon reach the astronomical number of ,!

Among other effects this deprives the bees of any chance to find their way back to their hives - except in built-up areas, where the GHz beams are "deflected" by the buildings.

Fr Uk in progress. La longueur d'onde de MHz est 16,75 cm. The impact of microwave radiation can be clearly seen. The Dutch publication TNO revealed that people living near 3G relay antennas suffered serious headaches. Are the pine trees getting headaches too? This one is in the principal radiation zone of the MHz antenna fixed to the water tower small antenna , about 12 metres away.

The effect of the antenna can be seen as a resonance with the pine needles. The MHz wavelength is So this creates a permanent micro-current in the branches of the pine tree. Thee damage from chronic high frequency exposure? The three lime trees. Les trois tilleuls.


Faisceau hertzien numérique télévision



FH in Radio


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