Bernal, R. Please enter the date on which you consulted the system. Neotropikey Milliken, W. Toggle navigation.

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Bernal, R. Please enter the date on which you consulted the system. Neotropikey Milliken, W. Toggle navigation. Habit Subarbusto, arbusto Conservation No Evaluada. Eugenia punicifolia W. Milliken, RBG, Kew. Emurtia punicifolia Kunth Raf.

Eugenia ambigua O. Berg Eugenia arbutifolia O. Berg Eugenia arbutifolia var. Berg Eugenia arctostaphyloides O. Berg Eugenia arctostaphyloides var. Berg Eugenia benthamii O. Berg Eugenia boliviensis O. Berg Eugenia calycolpoides Griseb.

Eugenia ciarensis O. Berg Eugenia clinocarpa DC. Eugenia coarensis DC. Eugenia dasyantha O. Berg Eugenia decorticans O. Berg Eugenia diantha O.

Berg Eugenia diantha var. Berg Eugenia dipoda DC. Eugenia dipoda var. Eugenia dipoda f. Eugenia diversiflora O. Berg Eugenia flava O. Berg Eugenia fruticulosa DC. Eugenia glareosa O.

Berg Eugenia insipida Cambess. Eugenia kochiana DC. Eugenia kunthiana DC. Eugenia kunthiana var. Berg Eugenia kunthiana var. Berg Eugenia linearifolia O. Berg Eugenia linearifolia var. Berg Eugenia macroclada O. Berg Eugenia maximiliana O. Berg Eugenia mugiensis O. Berg Eugenia myrtillifolia DC.

Eugenia nhanica Cambess. Eugenia obtusifolia Cambess. Eugenia obversa O. Berg Eugenia oleifolia Kunth DC. Eugenia ovalifolia Cambess. Eugenia phillyraeoides Willd. Berg Eugenia platyclada O. Berg Eugenia platyclada var. Berg Eugenia polyphylla O. Berg Eugenia polyphylla var. Berg Eugenia prominens O. Berg Eugenia psammophila Diels Eugenia psychotrioides Mart. Berg Eugenia pungens var. Amshoff Eugenia punicifolia var. Eugenia punicifolia var. Amshoff Eugenia pyramidalis O. Berg Eugenia pyramidalis var.

Berg Eugenia pyrroclada O. Berg Eugenia pyrroclada var. Berg Eugenia rhombocarpa O. Berg Eugenia romana O. Berg Eugenia romana var. Legrand Eugenia rufoflavescens Mattos Eugenia sabulosa Cambess. Eugenia sancta DC. Eugenia spathophylla O. Berg Eugenia spathulata O. Berg Eugenia subalterna Benth. Eugenia subcorymbosa O. Berg Eugenia suffruticosa O.

Berg Eugenia suffruticosa var. Berg Eugenia surinamensis Miq. Eugenia surinamensis var. Berg Eugenia surinamensis var. Berg Eugenia triphylla O. Berg Eugenia vaga O. Berg Eugenia vaga var. Berg Myrtus arbutifolia O. Eugenia punicifolia Kunth DC. First published in Prodr. An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Trinidad and Tobago with analysis of vegetation types and botanical 'hotspots' Phytotaxa Amorim, B. Myrtaceae from lowland Atlantic rainforest in the state of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil Phytotaxa Marhold, K.

Sobral, M. Mazine-Capelo, F. Nomenclatural notes on Brazilian Myrtaceae Phytotaxa 8: Govaerts, R. World Checklist of Myrtaceae: Oliveira Morais, P. Oliveira-Filho, A.

Kawasaki, M. Zappi, D.


Eugenia punicifolia DC.

The Eugenia punicifolia has one larger area of distribution in most Brazilian states and other South American countries. More information in Portuguese at the link:. Features: The E. The E.


Can the Gastric Healing Effect of Eugenia Punicifolia Be the Same in Male and Female Rats?

Ecological anatomy of Eugenia punicifolia Kunth DC. E-mail: viviane. E-mail: oriel. E-mail: bruno. The species Eugenia punicifolia Kunth DC.

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