When viewing history as cyclical past is prologue, so if that is the case how does the 21st Century compare to the past? The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return is the seventh and final book of Zecharia Sitchin's The Earth Chronicles examines the events of the present and comparing them the ancient past from the 21st Century B. Sitchin begins his examination of the "End of Days" by giving a quick overview of his research in the previous sixth books about the Annunaki and the beginning of human civilization before tying it into the expectation of a coming or return of a Messiah figure. With this background, Sitchin then explains how the supposed "New Age" resulted in national gods and fighting between nations in the name of their particular God. Yet throughout these wars objectives of the "Landing Place" of Baalbek, "Mission Control" in Jerusalem, and the important crossroads city of Harran were all pointed out due to the belief that soon the Annunaki home planet Nibiru would return and with it Anu might come to bring peace. Sitchin reveals that instead of Anu bringing peace, nearly all the Annunaki left Earth disappointing their followers and leaving humanity on its own.

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El Final de los Tiempos : El Harmaguedon y las Profecias del Retorno

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El Final de los Tiempos: El Harmaguedon y las Profecias del Retorno = The End of Days (Paperback)

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