Quick Links. Download this manual. We appreciate your purchase of this receiver. Please read through this manual for correct operation. We suggest that after reading it you keep this manual. Table of Contents.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. We appreciate your purchase of this receiver. Please read through this manual for correct operation. We suggest that after reading it you keep this manual. Table of Contents. Esn e5 high-power cd receiver with multi control and remote 98 pages. We suggest that after reading it you keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

Page 2 Warnings and caution signs, illustrated below, are posted throughout this manual as well as on the CD They show safe and correct ways to handle the product so as to prevent personal injury to you, others and to avoid property damage.

Also, do not deviate from the installation procedures described herein; Eclipse will not be held liable for damages including, but not limited to serious injury, death or property damage resulting from installations that enable unintended operation. Never leave a power supply wire or connection uninsulated. Always install supplied fuses, circuit breakers, and relays.

Accidents, fires or shocks may result. Never use a higher capacity fuse than the original. Using the wrong type of fuse may cause a fire or severe damage. Professional installation is recommended. Consult with your dealer or a professional installer. Incorrect wiring may damage the equipment or interfere with safe vehicle operation. Using other parts may cause damage to the equipment or cause parts to fall or fly off the equipment. High temperatures may damage wiring, causing shorts, arcing and fires.

Expertise is necessary for removal and installation. Fire and injuries may result from battery rupture and leakage. Page 10 Table of Contents Operating precautions Page 11 Enabling the loudness control Page 13 How to operate the Sound Adjustment Mode Page 15 Switching between displays when receiving HD Radio The disc slot tends to get dusty.

Remove the lens cleaners, etc. They may shaped or octagonal CDs, cannot be cause the CD to get stuck inside or played. MG Memory Stick must be formatted prior to use. A pre- registered music CD Key CD , four-digit security code, or a Memory Stick on which all unit functions will not operate, even by turning the ignition switch to the ACC or ON position or reconnecting the battery after turning the ignition switch off or disconnecting the battery during maintenance.

The initial setting is for Key CD security to be used. Insert the CD into the slot. Insert your Key CD. In this case, please contact your Eclipse dealer for assistance.

For country-specific customer service information, refer to "How to contact customer service" Press and hold the [FUNC] button, then button [6], and hold both for more than one second. The security code is registered in the deck and security is set. The registered security code is encrypted and then written to Memory Stick.

When the security code is registered using a Memory Stick that contains several kinds of data, such as music, etc. Canceling the security function can be done by entering the security code into the deck, or by using the Memory Stick.

A [SEC] message appears, then in two seconds it will change to [- - - -] Security code input display. Cancel the security code that has been recorded with the deck. If the security code matches the code recorded by the deck, [OK] will appear on the display and the security function will be canceled. At this point, please contact your local Eclipse dealer or Eclipse Customer Service for procedure on unlocking the unit. Check that the unit is in standby. However, if do not want this visible deterrent, it may be turned off.

You may use this number to identify your Eclipse CD in the event of theft recovery. For additional details, please refer to the sections on specific functions. Turning the power on and off When the power is turned on, the state used when the power was turned off such as CD and tuner playback is restored.

The front panel opens. Insert a CD into the disc slot, label side up. The CD will immediately start playing. This will turn the tuner on. Turn to the right: Increases the volume. Turn to the left: Decreases the volume. Press the [MUTE] button for less than one second to cut the volume or restore it instantly. Modes will switch in the order shown below each time the button is pressed.

Turn to the right: Emphasizes medium sounds. Turn to the left: Softens medium sounds. The volume for the initial FM mode default value: 40 is used as a reference for storing the differences in volume that have been set for each audio mode. Turn to the right: Increases the SVC setting level. Turn to the left: Decreases the SVC setting level. If the battery terminals have been disconnected because of a reason such as vehicle maintenance, the SVC settings will return to their default values.

Press the [DISP] button for less than one second. Enters display adjustment mode. Applications can also be downloaded and your own images can be converted into moving pictures. Turn the [SEL] button to select Bright. The selected item will be highlighted.

Press the [SEL] button. The mode will change to luminance adjustment mode. Turn the [SEL] button to adjust brightness. The screen for changing the illumination color will appear. Turn the [SEL] button to adjust the illumination color.

The screen for turning the screen display on and off will appear. The Disp Data mode is activated. Turn the [SEL] button to select media types. Page 57 CD-Rs will automatically eject. Press the [OPEN] button to close the panel. Press the [FUNC] button for less than one second. The function mode is activated. If you press the [FUNC] button during function mode, the adjustment mode is canceled and the mode returns to normal music mode. Page 60 Basic operation : Refer to page 81 for details on CD operation, and to page for details on tuner operation.

Refer to page for details on HD Radio operation. Turn the [SEL] button to select Clock. The clock adjustment mode is activated. Press the [SEL] button to display the item to be selected for adjustment. When the power turns on, the various demonstration screens such as the audio operation screens and motion picture screens will appear repeatedly in the following order. Only CD is installed. Import this software into your CD For details, contact the store from which you purchased your deck.

Page Others Basic operation Others Operation assist function In display adjustment mode, function mode and sound adjustment mode, the screen displays help to guide you in carrying out operations. The buttons that are used for adjustment operation flash. The function button selected for adjustment is displayed.

Page Displaying A Memo Basic operation [ ] button Buttons [1] to [5] [SEL] button [ ] button Displaying a memo If memos have been set, a memo recorded corresponding to a number button [1] to [5] appears on the screen when the number button is pressed briefly while the power of the main unit is turned off. Turn to the right: Advances the character forward in its type.

Turn to the left: Moves the character backward in its type. It is assumed here that a CD has already been loaded into the unit.


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Eclipse 8455

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Eclipse CD8455

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ECLIPSE CD8455 CD receiver - in-dash unit - Full-DIN Specs


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