Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In Design for Services, Anna Meroni and Daniela Sangiorgi articulate what Design is doing and can do for services, and how this connects to existing fields of knowledge and practice. Designers previously saw their task as the conceptualisation, development and production of tangible objects. In the twenty-first century, a designer rarely 'designs something' but rather 'designs for something': in the case of this publication, for change, better experiences and better services. The authors reflect on this recent transformation in the practice, role and skills of designers, by organising their book into three main sections.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Anna Meroni design. Fernando Pisa. O que when we say Strategic Design? Keywords: strategy, service design, sustainability. There non-profit organizations etc. Which a clear sense of integration between the products, services way? What is strategic design, today? Strategic design: where are we now?

We can argue that there is a clear focus on the often even competitors and other stakeholders in a Product Service System PSS dimension, an orientation completely new way. It means looking at clients in their toward different kinds of social and market actors, a clear specific context of use and considering other companies intention to produce innovation, and an emphasis on a and stakeholders as partners in the process of generating, systemic interpretation of sustainable development.

The strategic design of Product becoming more and more evident that the Strategic Design Service Systems shifts the innovation focus from product approach is not only welcome but needed by a broader or service design to an integrated product-service design spectrum of social bodies and enterprises, from companies strategy, orientated to produce solutions.

Ultimately, it is needed by all those but this connection has often been ephemeral, casual, who have to deal with design decisions in a turbulent and and left to the individual initiative of whoever sells or uncertain context Landry ; Manzini and Meroni, That is to say, in the contemporary world.

The novelty is that this connection is now conceived Basically, strategic design is about conferring to and designed from the very beginning, according to a social and market bodies a system of rules, beliefs, values strategy of optimisation and integration Mont, And, in doing so, influencing and changing the unpredictability, globalization and demand turbulence. These issues call for strategies which involve the whole Considering this, this paper intends to present a organization Zurlo, The service aspect is beginning to prevail over the product dimension in the majority of offers Pacenti, ; Product Service System Design and Strategic Sangiorgi, as added value is increasingly generated Design by intangible service elements.

This i The increase in demand for customised solutions. This has caused an explosion of new ways from those formulated up to now.

For example, service companies. When addressing these kinds of to maintain coherence in its offer. Definitely, it calls for a demands and the nature of the solutions they require, it strategy. It is the only way private firms, public institutions, voluntary associations to really differentiate oneself, both in the market and in and, directly or indirectly, the end users themselves. The emphasis is more on a series of successive actions driven by a set of scenarios the social, ethical and communal issues and needs than on that could be selected, modified and refined over time, individual ones Green, This perspective leads us to think Strategic Design as Ultimately, any action that takes a direction and moves, focussing on values, so as to orient the PSS offer in a direction making a system evolve with success, according to some that makes these values tangible Burns et al.

We can flexible but clear rules, and adapting to changes in the probably talk about a shift from user centred design to community environment is a strategy.

This means that any Yes, definitely every strategic design project is strategic decision is the consequence of an interaction with also a PSS project, but not every PSS project is also the environment, its actors, constraints and opportunities.

The major And that strategy can result also in win-win solutions, distinction lies in the innovation developed in the where the interests of the individual a person, a company, project: We have a strategic design action when it an enterprise can converge with those of the environment results in a breakthrough which causes a system to and of the collectivity.

In other words, it Therefore, if we want to foster sustainable development, presupposes a radical innovation.

Evolution is the learning of a species, and breakthrough ideas, generating a discontinuity in the system. Paraphrasing organism connected to a pre-existent condition. Epigenesis the words of James Ogilvy, it is the job of strategic planners is the development of a system from a previous condition to facilitate this process of evolutionary learning through using the capabilities it already possesses.

The essence of strategic conversations among many members of a epigenesis is predictable repetition; the essence of learning community and between the community and the whole and evolution is exploration and change.

Evolution is society Ogilvy, ; Meroni in Jegou and Manzini, Assuming the principles of the so called revolutions of So far, we can conclude that we have strategic design efficiency and sufficiency Manzini and Vezzoli, ; when it results in a breakthrough that allows a system a Vezzoli, ; Brezet and Ehrenfeld, , it is very clear company, an enterprise or a social body to evolve.

A strategic approach to PSS design, acting on the different components of a solution, can achieve much Evolving and being sustainable more when proposing effective environmental and social improvements. Strategic design is about evolution. Eco-efficient services could fulfill functions now To formulate a possible answer to the previous question carried out by unsustainable PSS, and solutions can be we have to reflect about the meaning of the word strategy. By analysing them and pinpointing different stakeholders and value for the social community.

It is about where to go and has systematically explored the concept and the not only how to go. The aim of the research and solving how. It that organise themselves to obtain a result in ways that is about knowing what and not only knowing how Zurlo, are promising concrete steps towards sustainable ways of : it is about what to do with what is available.

It is the living and producing all around Europe are developing strategic designer himself who formulates the design brief innovative solutions to solve problems of everyday life. A strategic designer works If we consider these phenomena from a quantitative upstream of the traditional brief.

The so called practice of perspective, they are not worth taking into account as a the counter-brief is, actually, a way for him to reshape the market segment. But this is not the point, because strategic tasks he receives. From here to the solution, strategic design design is not strategic marketing: What is important is the usually utilises scenarios as tools to envision the direction idea, the vision these groups propose and put in place.

Even if today they are, and remain, limited phenomena, How do scenarios work and what feeds them? How can they be transformed into scenarios? Exploring, understanding and designing Creating and envisioning Strategic design is about social innovation. Given the importance of values in the strategic Strategic design is about building scenarios. Actually, what matters in an than by technology or market changes , which typically evolutionary perspective is the power of an idea and the emerge from bottom-up processes more than from top- fact that it can work, not its current relevance in terms of down ones , are of great interest for the contemporary numbers.

No matter how few people are doing something designer: Some kinds of social innovation can actually today, if we are good enough to make it appealing and be seen as drivers for technological and production potentially feasible, it can shape the future.

According to innovation, with a view to sustainability. The reason for Bateson, a small accidental fact emerging from chaos of this is that what we can recognise as positive changes the natural environment of contemporary society can i. Paraphrasing the words environment, just like adaptive systems, which are open of Manzini Manzini and Jegou, , the future cannot be and interactive, capable of learning from events that predicted, but we can find in the present the premises for happen and, on the basis of what they learn, of finding any possible future: tomorrow will be the result of what inner resources to organise or re-organise themselves.

However, non-designers are also part of it. The way a strategic designer transforms visions into a How can a strategic design approach benefit from the plausible hypothesis is by building scenarios: Scenarios are skill, the creativity and the will to contribute to the future sharable visions that translate information and intuitions that are diffused in society?

Using a phrase of Kees van der Heijden , scenarios Co-designing and personalising are the best available language for the strategic conversation, allowing differentiation in views, but also bringing people Strategic design is about co-designing.

This means that it proposes a relational worldview a worldview that shifts requires the systematic involvement of the different its focus from things and substances to relationships and stakeholders in a collaborative way, whether they are structures and ethical pluralism a change in the way we clients, users, colleagues or actors involved in the project think about values, considering the differences in a global in some way. Basically, Strategic Design is an approach world without opening the way to relativistic amorality and a process to enable a wide range of disciplines as the basis for any attempt to design the future Ogilvy, and stakeholders to collaborate: By definition a PSS is The way to design the future, according to Ogilvy, produced and delivered in partnership, consisting of is scenario planning, which he considers one of the best several different elements, produced or delivered by tools for drawing out the social creativity of communities.

And at this point ethical pluralism is involvement of those affected by a problem in conceiving essential Designers are possible futures suggested by a pluralistic ethic. Scenario not the only ones entitled to be creative: even if not by planning is based on the assumption that the future cannot profession, everybody is entitled to be creative and can be predicted and that belief in the possibility of total control design. Thinking strategically means to understand how is a dangerous delusion.

Participating in designing and innovating brings to change the perception of things in order to change the enjoyment and a sense of sharing of the objectives: The emotional and behavioral reaction, ultimately in order to social efficiency of the system increases if users somehow change the understanding of a problem.

In the in this. It is a way to make the patient feel respected problem solving , we can further articulate the previously and to see himself as a protagonist of the dialogue. Through way of explaining how strategic design works. Strategic communities, even radical changes are legitimised and dialogue, brought into the field of strategic design, is the implemented by the individual.

And this is what currently constant factor in the whole project, from problem setting happens in the Creative Community dynamic, where a to problem solving. Counter-briefing is a matter of strategic group of people breaks with the old order and moves dialogue, co-designing is a matter of strategic dialogue, toward the unprecedented De Bono, by setting up sharing visions is a matter of strategic dialogue, all of them some alternative anticipation of a possible future Meroni precisely in the way that was described here.

The strategic in Jegou and Manzini, Heapy, Actually it is more appropriate to see him as able to catalyse How can Strategic Design contribute to these issues and orient the collective sensibility toward a shared of collaborative networking and dialoguing with social interpretation of how the future might look like, taking and bodies? Dialoguing and converging Contributing to change in a collectivity, a community, an enterprise the understanding of a problem, to work Strategic design is about strategic dialogue.

Translated into design terms, this sounds like of any strategic design project. Strategic that every human system opposes against change. In a design focuses on values, so as to orient the PSS offer in a strategic perspective, the key is to make the patient feel direction that makes these values tangible. Not every PSS different, not just understand differently. We have strategic design when it results in a the future. Its role is design project. It is an interpretative process, an action of primarily to raise new issues before trying to understand making sense out of chaos.

It is about knowing what and not only Having discussed these foundations, we can conclude knowing how. Innovations driven by behavioural benefit from it, but a broader spectrum of social bodies and changes, which typically emerge from bottom-up enterprises, from companies to consultancy firms, from processes, are of great interest, because some of them institutions to governments, from territories to associations.

Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity. New that strategic design can foster and propose. Actually, York, Bantam Books. The development of eco- of an idea: Starting from this, strategic design makes a bet, efficient services. Working paper, Delft, SusProNet a hypothesis, that this vision can become part of the shape research project.

Lateral thinking: A textbook of creativity. Scenario building is strategic London, Penguin Books, p. Changing the change: A good idea!


Design for Services (Design for Social Responsibility)

Gower Publishing, Ltd. Design for Services. Anna Meroni , Daniela Sangiorgi. In Design for Services, Anna Meroni and Daniela Sangiorgi articulate what Design is doing and can do for services, and how this connects to existing fields of knowledge and practice. Designers previously saw their task as the conceptualisation, development and production of tangible objects.


Design for services

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Anna Meroni design.

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