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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Denon home audio operating instructions avr 63 pages. Dts-es discrete 6. Denon av surround receiver operating instructions 82 pages. Denon av surround receiver operating instructions avr, avr 94 pages.

Denon av surround receiver operating instructions avr, avr 77 pages. Page 2: Safety Instructions 2. This remarkable component has been engineered to provide superb surround sound listening with home theater sources, such as DVD, as well as providing outstanding high fidelity reproduction of your favorite music sources. In addition, the memory contains control signals for other remote control units, so it can be used to operate non-DENON remote control compatible products.

The included batteries are only for verifying operation. If the protection circuit is activated again even though there are no problems with the wiring or the ventilation around the unit, switch off the power and contact a DENON service center.

Page 9 Power Amp Assign. Component video connection offers the best quality and is required for progressive DVD playback , followed by S-Video, while composite video offers the lowest picture quality of the three connection types. Please check the following matters, reset the pertinent items, and measure again.

Store: Store the checked measurement values. All parameters are stored. Retry: Perform the measurement again. Page The Video Conversion Function If this happens, connect a commercially available video stabilizer, etc. On screen display signals Signals input to the AVR IN terminals for playback. Page Listening Over Headphones The display brightness changes in four steps bright, medium, dim and off.

Input mode The AVR has an AUTO signal detection mode that automatically identifies the type of incoming audio signals, but is also equipped with a manual mode that can be switched according to the type of input audio signals. The mode switches as shown below each time the button is pressed. MODE Press the button to set the manual tuning mode. XM Satellite Radio. Select from over channels of music, news, sports, comedy, talk, and entertainment. Coast-to-coast coverage.

Digital quality sound. The display switches as follows each time the button is pressed. Page Navigating Through The System Setup Menu On screen display and front display The AVR is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-understand on screen display, and is equipped with an alphanumeric front panel display that can also be used to check and adjust settings.

This setting assigns the color difference component video input terminals of the AVR for the different input sources. In this case, adjust the audio delay to delay the sound and synchronize it with the picture. Page Advanced Setup - Part 2 Advanced Setup — Part 2 This Speaker Setup section describes the procedures to make speaker settings manually without using the Auto Setup function , as well as to make manual changes to settings that have already been made by the Auto Setup function.

Speaker Setup Setting the Speaker Config. Preparations: Measure the distances between the listening position and the speakers. Center Subwoofer Listening position In Subwoofer terminal playback level. Level Input The playback level can be corrected individually for the Function different input sources. Page 61 6. Page 62 Surround The AVR is equipped with a digital signal processing circuit that lets you play program sources in the surround mode to achieve the same sense of presence as in a movie theater.

While offering high compatibility with the conventional DTS Digital Surround format, DTS-ES Extended Surround greatly improves the degree surround impression and space expression thanks to further expanded surround signals.

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Denon AVR-2106 Operating Instructions Manual

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Denon AVR-2106



Denon AVR-2106 User Manual


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