Flow cytometry FCM allows to measure the characteristics of individual cells. Cells in suspension are hydrodynamically focused in a laser beam. FCM offers the possibility of a rapid, multiparametric analysis of a large number of cells. Hematology is one of the major fields of FCM applications. FCM is the reference technique for total blood count.

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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Flow and Image Cytometry allow a high precision analysis of cell populations, microorganisms and cell components. Over few years, these two techniques evolved from a restrictive use in research laboratories to a daily use to help diagnosis.

This review summarizes the principles, advantages and limitations of these two technologies. It gives an idea on the principal applications in research or clinical diagnosis. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Cytometry , , 11 , 80— Cytometry , , 13 , — Google Scholar. BUNN P. Cancer Res. Improvements in a method for the detection of antigens by means of fluorescent antibody.

USA , , 78 , — Cytometry , , 12 , — FOON K. Blood , , 68 , 1— Cancer , , 65 , — Cytometry , , 9 , — USA , , 80 , — LEE S. Interactive static image analysis: a major enhancement to histopathology and cytology. LIN M. Chromosoma , , 60 , 15— Cytometry , , 8 , 96— LOOK A. Blood , , 60 , — Cytometry , , 10 , — Cellular and Molecular Biology , , 38 , — Cytometry , , 7 , — OUD P. Cancer , , 64 , — SAGE B.

Cytometry , , 4 , — Blood , , 77 , — Immunol Meth. In: Melamed M. Flow cytometry and sorting. John Wiley and sons. New York, , — Cytometry , , , — TSOU K.

Cancer , , 54 , — Blood , , 76 , — WIED G. Human Pathol. Download references. Duperray, C. Acta Endosc 23, — Download citation. Published : 01 July Issue Date : July Search SpringerLink Search. Summary Flow and Image Cytometry allow a high precision analysis of cell populations, microorganisms and cell components. Author information Author notes Ch.

Baldet Authors Ch. Duperray View author publications. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. View author publications. About this article Cite this article Duperray, C.


Cytométrie en flux

Elle utilise la fluorescence, des moyens fluidiques, optiques et le soutien informatique pour le traitement des signaux ou des images. It is based on fluorescence, fluidic and optical tools with the help of signal or image computer treatment. Image cytometry is largely used in research. In medical analysis, Flow-cytometry is more and more used for leukaemia typing, lymphocyte counting, among them HIV monitoring or immunological treatments follow-up. Identification of numerous cell subtypes and their activation, maturation or proliferation status is now possible. Its high precision and wide use have lead to the description of new cell subtypes e. NK or regulatory T cells… that have targeted activity.


Cytométrie en flux avec trieur de cellules


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