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The hotel was nothing special but I hoped for more, as the pictures did make it look nice! On the outside it looked nice but as with a lot of things I found there, if you looked a little closer it was a bit of a disappointment!! The room was exceptable, again nothing special. The bathroom was a bit of a dive, pardon the pun but it did flood quite quickly, luckily there wasn't much hot water so showers were frequent but brief.

Please be aware that my partner quickly realised the water in the dining area was not freshly bottled water but instead was being filled up by the gardener, with the garden hose Food was there and at least prevented me from starving They were aware they were serving you the staff slops and justified it with the knowledge that you hadn't paid much for the holiday. The staff all pretty much ate first and then the guests got what was left Then they tried to encourage you to pay for wine and food that was not on the all inclusive menu!!!

I was glad that it had been all inclusive, as the bars were just opening up and the few bars that were already in business were trying to rip us off. All of this made us more determined not to give away our hard earned money, I certainly haven't got money to throw away.

Everything free Everything free from Sun Club we drank and ate just out of principle!!! Apart from the water in the dining area haha. Not a family hotel in my opinion, more like 18 - 30's. I didn't find the turkish people in Gumbet friendly, just fake give or take a few exceptions.

If you were not single or showing them plenty of cash then they wouldn't really make any effort!! The staff there do work hard! Infact they never sleep, they worked hard to get with English women or men, I don't think they were too picky and certainly took a shine to my boyfriend!! Guntas the hotel manager was the most vile, creepy, slimey, pervy, money grabbing man I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

And if you are female and go out of season, watch out for the turkish women, from my experience they are not big fans of the English women, trust me!! The music was incredibly loud in the nightclub opposite, not a problem unless you want to sleep!! On the plus side though the hotel is on the beach, at no cost they serve you gin and vodka, and if you've got a lot of patience then you can drink the lager, it does take a while to serve it though.

It isn't all bad but I will not be returning!! BBQ everynight pleanty of choise if you dont have a problem with trying You have to keep the window closed and even doing so you can hear clearly the bass of all the clubs resounding in your room and in your ears!

The swimming pool is nice even if the sun bed around it are few and always occupied people leave their towels during the night to have the sun bed booked for the following day and nobody of the staff says anything. The real problem is that their English is like my Turkish so talking with them is very hard.

If you have a problem or a question, forget to have a prompt solution. If you are lucky, after 3 days maybe something happens. When I ask for a map of Bodrum they answer to me to buy somewhere out of the hotel!!!

Only the exterior part is well-maintained. Our room was a triple we are a couple. No double beds but only twin beds in all the hotel and for a 4 stars is very strange, although on the hotel web site you can see pictures of a double bed. When we entered in our room much of the features was broken or half-broken: curtain, the bathroom door-handle, the radio-control both of air-conditioner and television, the life-safer dispositive in the wall have not closing door.

The mini balcony was so dirty that you can not use. But the worst thing was that the towels are changed every 2 days we arrived on Saturday and they changed on Tuesday.

And this is not possible for a so-called 4 stars hotel on the beach! We made at least 2 showers a day, so try to imagine after showers!!! The room cleaning is totally insufficient. In our room, they forgot to put the clean towel so I went to reception to ask for towels and they answered that they have changed towels!!! I have to talk by signs to the chambermaid to let her understand that I need clean towels.

The cleaning of the room is a fast operation, they clean the floor without moving anything: towels or luggage or other objects on its. They forget every day to put a new bag in the waste basket in bathroom and every day I asked for it to the chambermaid.

I think that in a real 4 stars hotel such things must no happen! The food was not so various but I can not say negative things about it.

There were a lot of choice of salad and hot meals and the waiters was efficient and kind even if they speak very little English. But it is not so. Also here, the rule to book the sun bed the night before is active!

He spent his time talking and taking care of beautiful single girls. He should keep the beach clean, instead, so to avoid to find in the sea water the newspaper left on the beach by impolite person. Or to clean the mattress covering the sun bed, always plenty of sand. And, finally, to put more waste-basket on the sand so to help the impolite and lazy persons not to leave the garbage on the sand!!! My friend and i both aged 18 Stayed at SunClub with my parents, so i can quite easily give you a double-sided review.

Our flight was delayed by 5 hours which ment that we arrived at the hotel at 1am. We asked the receptionist where we could get drinks from and we were informed that we could not eat or drink all inclusive until the next morning as food serving times were over and the all inclusive bar closes at This, did irritate us a little but it was fare enough.

We then inquired about a safe box, as both our rooms were not equipt with one. The receptionist replyed 'ok no problem' but after nothing was done and asking him a further dosen times, with the same reply- 'no problem' still, nothing was done about it and we gave up, leaving us to carry around our money and passports for the whole 2 weeks stay. The first night we ate there, the food was ok, grilled fish with a range of pasta chips rice salad to go with it.

The second night was ok too, with burgers on the bbq, but on the third night, when kebab was being served, both i and my mum came accross raw pieces of kebab on our plate, which instantly put us off trying it again! The food went dowhill from there, it began to get very repatative and not very enjoyable, and in responce to the review below this one, we are not chavs on benifits and we DO NOT eat plain english food, infact my dad who is like a human dustbin and will normaly eat ANYTHING sugested that we started to eat out, so we ended up spending extra money on eating out, making the all inclusive deal not seem so great.

The drinks were ok, if you can handle sprite that tastes of bubblegum and cheap coke. The beer was like drinking watered down shandy, and if you were to choose a vodka mix drinnk you must insure the barman puts shots of vodka in as its so wartered down you cant taste it! But you get what you pay for i guess! Both my parents and my room had completley different feedback. However issues with clean bedding- the sheets were changed twice in both our rooms during a 2 week stay, and my parents had their sheets replaced with 'clean ones' that were actualy covered in sand rather odd as they had not been down the beach at all.

My parents bathroom was ok, no problems apart from mould growing all around the shower but after speaking to a few people staying in the hotel, it seemed as though every room had that issue. However, in my room, taking a shower was a major episode. The drainage system did not seem to work properly, even though there was no cover for the plug hole so it was not possibly blocked, if you didnt keep turning the shower on and off regularly during showering, the whole bathroom would become flooded We also had a big issue with clean towels.

How difficult it is to replace towles with clean ones everyday was unreal infact there was about 7 occasions where we had to go to reception and ask for clean ones. It was as though you either had the same, dirty used towels which the maid had hung back in the bathroom or she'd taken them away and not replaced them so you had no towels!

But my parents were not Impressed with the location at all as all you could hear from their room was the loud music from the clubs. I would also like to warn young girls who decide to make a trip just from their room to the restaraunt on their own during the evening, that it is NOT a good idea. Whilst walking back to my room after finishing food, i was grabbed by some old bloke who tried to drag me to his room, and i am writing this as i had spoken to a group of young girls staying there who had said the exact same thing had happend to them whilst they were walking in the dark alone.

So just be aware that its not safe even though your in hotel grounds there are still weirdos around and dont travel anywhere alone! Overall me and my friend had the holiday of a lifetime, But my parents were not that impressed, with the location and niether of us were impressed with the food and the service at reception.

But as i said,, you get what you pay for so dont get your hopes up with hotel standards- like we did! Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Hotel Sun Club. Lowest prices for your stay. Guests 1 room , 2 adults , 0 children Guests 1 2. Show Prices. Like saving money? We search up to sites for the lowest prices. Review of Hotel Sun Club. More Show less. Date of stay: May Trip type: Traveled as a couple. Thank LeicesterLassNo1. See all reviews.

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OK, so I have done loads of these all inclusive hotels and this one was both good and weird. Firstly, the food is good. I love Turkish cuisine and this place can knock it out. Note to the British, this place is for Germans, the staff speak to you in German and when you reply in English they are stunned. The breakfast is mental, it serves everything you don't want for breakfast. You can have cereal and croissanty vibes but the rest is for the bin.




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