It follows the failed love between Zainuddin, a mixed-race man, and Hayati, a pure Minang woman. Hamka, an Islamic scholar who disapproved of Minang adat traditions , wrote Van der Wijck as a critique of the discrimination against mixed-race persons prevalent in Minang society at the time, as well as the subservient role of women. Originally released as a serial, Van der Wijck was republished as a novel after favourable popular reception. Described by the socialist literary critic Bakri Siregar as Hamka's best work, the work came under fire in because of similarities between it and Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr 's Sous les Tilleuls Under the Limes ; Zainuddin is an orphan. His Minang father died in exile after killing a relative over inheritance; his non-Minang mother has also died.

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Sign In. The Sinking of Van Der Wijck Hide Spoilers. Remove the ship scene, and I would give this movie 9 points. The graphics look rough and unnatural. In the inch TV screen may be accepted, on a cinema screen would look embarrassing.

It was like back in the Sumatran island culture in the '30s. I feel very fresh once heard a dialect of Malay literature, lilting and attention to its structure.

Acting is also not disappoint. Honestly though I do not idolize any of them. But I tried to ignore the supporting cast: some look unnatural and too young for their costumes. However this film is well worth to see because it shows one of the original culture of Indonesia.

I rarely like Indonesian movies and rarely watch it, even if it is free. But this is one of the local films that I have no regrets for spending the money for the ticket. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. When Zainuddin tells Hayati that he will always love her, just before he is forced to leave her home village and moves to another town, he knows that his love for her is pure and true, and comes from his deepest heart.

And when Hayati makes a promise that she will forever wait for him and he will become her husband one day, if not here on earth then in the afterlife, that promise has sealed Zainuddin's heart forever. A promise from a young man and woman deeply in love. A love promise that not only gives Zainuddin hopes to walk into his uncertain pathway ahead, but also defines the happiness of his entire life. A love oath so sacred for him that makes him unable to love another woman.

The same promise that makes him suffers for the rest of his life. This is the story about a timeless love and love unrealized. A tragic love story adapted from the mega bestseller novel "Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck" "Sinking of the van der Wijck" , first published in , written by Buya Hamka, a great and well known Indonesian writer. This is a wonderful and a very well made high budgeted Indonesian movie with such a heart grabbing story. The movie is a real tearjerker, with so many heartbreaking moments.

The thing is, even though it has the potentials to become a melodramatic movie, but the film itself doesn't fall into those melodramatic traps. An excellent direction from Sunil Soraya,also acted as the producer, who made a movie so beautiful, poetic and touching, and at the same time feels so extravagant and epic, with the story stays true to the novel and well capturing the main spirit told by the writer in criticizing the certain customs and traditions in the Minangkabau society at that time, such as ethnic and social status discrimination, and forced marriage.

Soraya's 5 long years of research and development of this film, including choosing the right casting, really paid off, resulting in an unforgettable motion picture with such great details.

Praise also needs to be given to the great screenplay written by Donny Dhirgantoro and Imam Tantowi, filled with so many wonderful and thoughtful dialogues. The acting and characterization is a standout. Herjunot Ali gave a brilliant and the best performance of his career as Zainuddin, delved deep into the soul of his character, with his amazing Makassar accent, as well as his sympathetically posture and expressions that will make the audiences feel and fall for him.

He cleverly used his accent with the right timing, sometimes made it sounded a bit funny on purpose, but precisely reflecting his naturally plain good heart and honesty. When he is astonished by Hayati's beauty when he sees her for the very first time, passing through him in a horse-drawn carriage, he makes us feel amazed with him.

At the other end, when Zainuddin bursts out all of his emotions and angriness to Hayati near the end of the movie, after years of holding bitterness inside of him, Herjunot strikes and hits us right at heart with the way he says all that, showing us that even though Zainuddin is a good man, but he is also just a human being with heart and pains and emotions.

That is the climax and the golden moment of this movie. Pevita Pearce appeared lovely and elegant, shines with her stunning beauty throughout the movie.

And I think she gave a pretty good performance as the vulnerable Hayati, a submissive woman who has to put her hopes and dreams under the oppressive culture and traditions of her society, indecisive to choose who's best for her life. While as the three times 'Piala Citra' winner in the Indonesian Film Festival the Indonesian 'Academy Award' , the talented Reza Rahadian appeared solid and fun to watch as the classy and modern rich guy, but a mean and unfaithful husband Aziz, exploring into his antagonist side.

Despite the fictitious story and characters, the background of this movie is actually based on the real historical event, the sinking of the Van der Wijck ship, a luxury Dutch liner that sank in the northern coast of Java island in 28th October The sinking of the ship itself is actually not the main story of this movie, not taking a long scene time, but it plays as a very important background to the story.

The special effects of the sinking ship are not as good and on par as those of the Hollywood's, but that didn't matter, because the essence of this movie is just not that. The technical aspects of this movie are top notch and first-class. From the beautiful sceneries and cinematography, the excellent period set pieces that catch the mood and atmospheres of the Minangkabau's village and town, and the cities of Batavia and Surabaya in the 's, the authentic and eye-catching set properties such as the big mansions, the old cars, the antiques and the horse racing stadium, up to the well made designed costumes, including the classy suits and dresses, complete with the stylish hats and fancy sunglasses.

The party scene is extravagant and glamorous, with music and singing and dancing. The musical score and songs are great and haunting, capturing well every change of the moods in the movie. This movie has a complete package as a superb entertainment with a wonderful story, charming actors with great performances, and other astounding technical aspects that makes us not only see and hear the movie, but also feel the movie.

This is a great Indonesian period romantic drama, a truly instant classic that may not come once in every decade. So powerful, epic and breathtaking, and you will know it by your heart. The very best and pride of Indonesian cinema. First, I didn't read the book. I believe that a movie should be treated differently from the book.

So, I finally watched this movie based on good review out there and the ads that said there are more than 1 million audiences in just few weeks or sort of. And I was disappointed. The acting was so wooden.

The protagonist voice was so annoying. The woman protagonist's character was confusing. I know they're in love just because the script say so. Even Reza Rahadian can't do his best. The dialogue was really cheesy. I don't know what was wrong. The fact is that there were 4 writers in this mess. Also, this movie needs a lot more props more than just bunch of old cars to convince me that this happened in early 's.

The sets, they look so modern. And by 'modern,' I mean they look like many things that you can find today. Not to mention the misplaced soundtracks by pop band Nidji. Their modern songs with modern instruments just don't fit in this movie.

To me? I watched the movie, expecting to see a decent adaptation of the famous novel. To be fair, I'd begin with the high points of the movie. Good performance by extras, specifically those playing the parts of Hayati's family.

All scenes involving Hayati's mamak uncle brought me back to my parents' village near Bukittinggi, West Sumatera. I suspect those extras are mostly indeed Minang people, As the matter of fact, they are the closest thing to portrayal authenticity of all the characters in the movie. Kudos for them, which are ironically not included in cast list in IMDB. At the very least, Hayati's mamak deserves to be credited.

The second nice thing I can say about this movie is its pictorial of Minang landscape. Although, the credit here is not entirely on the director as the landscape is already beautiful.

In some shots, I even feel as if they look slightly unreal especially with the soft look and deep colour saturation. While I think this is more due to the director's preferred approach and style, I cannot help thinking as if I was watching an old music video by Rizal Mantovani which also happens to be involved in this movie.

Those who spent their teenage years in the 90s watching Rizal Mantovani's music videos would know what I mean. I like Herjunot's portrayal of a young man growing up in Makassar, and his accent is very convincing. However, I find it difficult to say the same for Reza and Pevita. I can forgive Reza's character as having too much Dutch influence, so much that his Minang accent is nowhere to be heard. Pevita's character is a woman who grew up in a village within a Minang community with strong cultural influence, and yet her accent is very thin at the beginning of the movie and rapidly fading away as the movie progresses.

Again, I see good acting performance from those outside the main characters, as Jajang C. Noer and particularly Arzetti Bilbina played their characters very well. Even Arzetti's character is a typical middle-aged Minang woman, down to her appearance and accent.

Too bad, both of them did not get a lot of screen time, and almost have very minor significance in the storytelling of the movie. The last positive thing I can say about the movie is the material itself. When a line or a scene is faithfully taken from Buya Hamka's book, the scene makes sense and very moving to watch. For example, the scene where Hayati come to visit Zainuddin who is sick in bed, where Muluk talk to Zainuddin to build up his spirit, or Hayati's final letter.

As with other movies that are adaptation of a book, it is always a challenge to adapt the material faithfully and even successfully. The visualization of adaptation material in this movie is, unfortunately, cheesy and unrealistic. There are many scenes in which I feel like the director ignores logic, or at least did not provide a convincing scene as background or explanation. The most obvious example is the pictorial of Zainuddin's house as a very big mansion with many candle lights, a big dinner table, complete with butler and housekeepers.

The portrayal of Zainuddin, as a pribumi indigenous people living in s Surabaya under Dutch occupation, is the most disturbing aspect of the movie. Zainuddin's dress is also almost too flamboyant for a humble-writer-turn-successful-businessman. It makes me feel like watching a movie version of a soap opera with a setting of Indonesia in the s.

And no thanks to controversial choice of music arrangement.


Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Sign In. The Sinking of Van Der Wijck Hide Spoilers. Remove the ship scene, and I would give this movie 9 points. The graphics look rough and unnatural.


Review : 7 moral stories from Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

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Film tenggelamnya kapal van der wijck

Novel ini menceritakan tentang drama romantis dari Minangkabau, namun harus berakhir menjadi kisah yang sangat memilukan. Antusiasme masyarakat tentang novel karangan Buya Hamka ini pun dijadikan peluang dalam industri perfilman yang diprakarsai oleh Sunil Soraya dan Ram Punjabi untuk menjadi film yang diminati oleh masyarakat luas. Film ini menceritakan tentang dua sejoli yang sedang dimabuk asmara, namun karena perbedaan budaya dan latar belakang sosial menjadi benteng pemisah kisah mereka berdua. Film ini rilis pada tahun dan mendapatkan beberapa penghargaan dalam industri perfilman Indonesia.

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