Learning Outcomes of the Course 1 Understand the structure of the microcontroller 2 Microcontroller-based system design. Preliminary Weekly and Related Topics Pages 1. Week Relationship between the microprocessor and microcontroller with an introduction. Week PIC microcontroller-based hardware configurations, the memory structure.

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I am doing a project in Telecommunications. I want to select three frequencies from the narrowband but with a higher speed rate. Which maybe be the FCC or any other standard that can accommodate the above mentioned frequencies Digital clock hours , minutes and seconds — Concept and simulation i am an mechanical engineering i want a project of digital clock hours , minutes and seconds i need it in word file including 1- intro and abstract 2- body of constract 3- software using jk flip flop and decorder and 7 sigment with calculation 4- explained the constrution what we add to the construt and Its b I need to hire the inverter hardware design and firmware developer either together or separately for development of my hybrid inverter.

Those freelancer having very good factory expertise and independent manufacturer with capability to deliver the project on time only can apply the same. Payment term:-The work has to deliver on time and If the work meets the technical specification, then only pay I want long term employee. I have a control circuit consisting of a microcontroller pic16fa, some motors, buttons, a heater, and a temperature sensor LM The circuit is used to control these motors and the heating system by the pic16fa.

Full details are included in the attached file. Required to work 1- Designing the circuit using Proteus 8 2- Writing the special codes to operate the circuit using the mikroC PRO for The concept is any of the houses generate extr Proteus MikroC -step motor hareketleri. Project will use Pic 12f and is a soft starter for ac motor see soft starter documentation on internet 1.

Will have 4 inputs and 1 output to triac 2. Inputs and outputs need to be like in the schematic provided by me 3. So if pin 3 will have 0v negative , time will be 0,2 seconds. Want to hire a person who can help me with the Hardware Implementation of this project.

Freelancer must be good in report writing. I have tried to build the schematic, now i have just to write the code for it's functioning both in Assembly language and C language. If you need to modify something on the schematic, it's no problem, but i just want to follow my idea. A shot d I have multiple projects in different areas of electrical engineering and i am looking for different experts who can handle my projects. I need experts in following areas: 1.

Industrial Electronics Multisim 2. Process Control Technology Designing an optimal controller 3. Signal Processing and circuits 5. I am looking for electrical engineer having expertise in following areas: 1. So I can test your code with my device. I will provide more details. During grid supply available, the battery bank also needs to be recharged on it. So there will be a online AC to DC rect The MPPT should control What you need to provide me: 1.

Flowcode project 2. Proteus red bordered schematic for testing the project What it need to do: 1. For the project we will use the pic12f microcontroller, variable r resistor, button NO for start. Pin 5 will be used for synchronize with frequency of the v AC network this will be read by an I need the circuit design, list of components and any other materials I'll need to be able to construct the inverter. Naturally, the inverter should be able to work in simulation software like proteus.

Full periphery support is needed. I am looking for power electronic and microcontroller program expert. I attach technology data for device design and programming.

This project is not easy. Only if you are capable to complete the job only then bid for it. Design, detailed engineering, schematic preparation, simulation in Proteus, micro controller code development for Electric vehicle fast DC Charging Station of capacity 30KW total approx.

The input supply from solar inverter. Anahtar Kelime ile Arama. Saatlik Projeler. Beceri becerileri girin. Diller dil girin. First 1 2 3 4 Next Last. Bitti left. Montaj C Programlama. Project for Muhammad B. Embedded Systems Programming and control projects Bitti left.

Virtual tutors Elrctronics Engineer needed for students ,taught in arabic and english. Help me in my project , please read the details clearly Bitti left. Smart control of solar panel power flow and share surplus energy. Automatic house system humidity and temperature sensors Bitti left. Embeeded engineer required for development of ongrid solar inverter Bitti left. Embedded systems and iot for projects Bitti left. Prayer Time 7 Segment Clock Bitti left.

Design of a 1. Three-phase measurement IC ADE with mega arduino and source code and electronic schematic developed in proteus or altium designer Bitti left. Design Proteus simulation library - 2 Bitti left. Design Proteus simulation library Bitti left. PCB Designer needed Bitti left.


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