When your download is complete please use the instructions below to begin the installation of your download or locate your downloaded files on your computer. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary. Examples: "prints missing colors", "flashing power light", "setting the white balance". Below is a listing of our top FAQ's. Click on the title for more information. Canon U.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Ensure that you read the Safety Precautions. Canon powershot sx is digital camera user guide pages. This guide is divided into the following two sections. Getting Started p. Start out by familiarizing yourself with the camera and mastering the basics.

Please Read If there is no notation to that effect, the function may be used in all modes. Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. This is not a malfunction. Page Preparations Preparations Preparations Installing the Batteries and Memory Card Slide the cover lock a and hold it open while sliding the cover b and opening it c.

Open the cover c Cover Lock Slide the cover in the direction shown b Install four batteries. Take care that you do not drop the batteries. Installing the Memory Card Slide the cover a and open it b. Insert the memory card until it clicks into place.

Ensure that the memory card is correctly oriented before inserting it in the camera. Inserting it backward may cause the camera to fail to recognize the memory card or to malfunction. To Remove the Memory Card Push the memory card with your finger until the memory card clicks and then release it.

Perform the same steps on the other side of the camera. You can also clip the lens cap to the strap. In order to avoid dropping the camera, we recommend attaching the neck strap before using the camera. When the LCD monitor clicks into place, the image will display normally not reversed. Always keep the LCD monitor closed with the display facing the camera body when the camera is not in use. Press the MENU button. Use the button to select the Set up menu. Page Formatting Memory Cards Preparations Formatting Memory Cards You should always format a new memory card or one from which you wish to erase all images and other data.

However, when switching to the viewfinder display and starting, the start-up image is not displayed and there is no startup sound. Use the button to display the image you wish to view. Use the button to select an image to erase and press the button. You can also select images by using the control dial. Confirm that [Erase] is selected and press the button. For details, see the Direct Print User Guide. Turn on the printer. Page 24 Printing Use the button to select an image to print and press the button.

Connect the camera to the printer. Print the image. Page Shooting Movies Shooting Movies Shooting Movies No matter what position the mode dial is in, you can shoot movies just pressing the movie button.

Sound can be recorded in stereo. Aim the camera at the subject. Do not touch the microphone while recording. Elapsed Time Press the movie button again to stop recording. Use the button to display a movie and press button. Use the button to select Play and press the Windows 1. Click [Easy Installation]. Follow the onscreen messages to proceed with the installation. When the installer panel appears, click [Install]. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed. Connecting the camera to a computer.

Page 32 Open CameraWindow. CameraWindow appears. Macintosh CameraWindow will appear when you establish a connection between the camera and computer. Install the software before downloading images via the direct transfer method for the first time Page The Button Downloading Images to a Computer You can also use the following options in the Direct Transfer menu to set the method for downloading images.

All Images Transfers and saves all images to the computer. Transfers and saves to the computer only the New Images images that have not been previously transferred. Page 35 Downloading Images to a Computer Use the button to select images to download and press the button.

The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress. Press the MENU button after downloading finishes. Only JPEG images can be downloaded as wallpaper for a computer. Page Power Supplies Some accessories are not sold in some regions, or may no longer be available.

Subjects are optimally illuminated for crisp, natural images. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Page Learning More Learning More Remote Sensor p. Mode Dial pp. Page Using The Control Dial Using the Control Dial Turning the control dial counterclockwise is equivalent to pressing the button, while turning the control dial clockwise is equivalent to pressing the button it is equivalent to pressing the button with some functions.

You can perform the following operations when you turn the control dial. Page Power Lamp And Indicator Power Lamp and Indicator The power lamp and the indicator on the back of the camera will light or blink under the following conditions.

Hold the FUNC. Page Menu Button Rec. Menu My Menu Menu You can switch between menus with button. Overexposure Warning In the following cases, overexposed portions of the image blink. Page 56 Rec. Review length of time images display after being shot Select Range Selects a range of sequential images and makes print settings for all the images in that range.

Display the location you wish to adjust the brightness for, and then configure the settings. Page 62 The connection method with the printer can be changed. Start-up Image Sets the image displayed when the camera power is turned on. Start-up Sets the sound played when the Sound camera power is turned on. Also, closing the LCD monitor causes the viewfinder to display. Page 65 Playback Mode or Rec. This will allow you to compose a shot even in dark environments this setting cannot be turned off.

LCD monitor 1. See Using the Optical Zoom The zoom can be adjusted from 28 W — T mm aspect ratio and 29 W — T mm aspect ratio focal length in 35mm film equivalent terms. The available shooting characteristics and focal lengths 35mm film equivalent are as follows. The options available for selection vary depending on the aspect ratio setting Page 71 About the Safety Zoom Depending on the number of recording pixels set, you can shift from optical zoom to digital zoom without pausing up to a factor where the image quality does not deteriorate Safety Zoom.

Pressing the zoom lever toward again allows you to zoom even further not available during movie shooting. In the menu, use the button to select [Digital Zoom]. Make settings. Use the button to select [Standard]. Press the zoom lever toward and shoot. Page 73 Shooting with the Digital Tele-Converter The digital tele-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the effects of a tele-converter a lens used in telephoto shooting.

Select [Digital Zoom]. Press the button. Use the button to change the flash mode.


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