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Philips Controls: Driving the shift towards efficient energy management and sustainable lighting controls technologies. As a world leader in lighting technology, Philips is well established in North America to provide solutions that transform ordinary buildings into high-performance, energy efficient facilities by offering a single source for lighting systems and controls.

Philips Controls offers a variety of options to meet todays demanding requirements that are scalable for any space regardless of size or application. As a complete solutions provider for the most challenging projects, the Philips Controls product range is backed by full-scale service offerings from system design assistance, project management, commissioning through after-sales systems maintenance.

Philips Controls provides a variety of control methods to suit any setting, ensuring that energy is not consumed unnecessarily, while furnishing the user with flexibility and control over their environment. Level of Control Dimming. Intelligent Lighting is about knowing your options while generating benefits for you, your facility and the environment. Daylight Harvesting controls the amount of electrical lighting in an area based upon the amount of natural light entering the space Scheduling via Time Clocks turns lights ON or OFF based on specific dates and times, or referenced to sunrise or sunset Load Shedding temporarily reduces lighting levels and therefore lowers energy consumption during periods of peak demand Task Tuning controls the amount of available light to the minimum amount required to accomplish the task at hand Personal Control provides the occupant to control the intensity of the lighting within their space Preset scene controls change the light level settings for multiple zones simultaneously at the press of a button Reporting by fixture, ballast and lamp failure status Reporting of the building or area energy consumption.

Distributed networked system Provides the most complete solution available at the building level where you also require resolution at the fixture level.

The result is a system that meets the needs of a wide variety of users while maintaining an energy efficient building. This way Dynalite provides an ultimate level of flexibility. A truly silent dimmer rack High performance silent solution that supports a broad range of dimming technologies meeting the needs of commercial and architectural lighting applications.

Low voltage lighting control systems Intelligent control of lighting circuits that provides an easy solution for scheduling and occupancy sensing 3 Add more control options by combining Lyteswitch with IntelliSight to control larger projects.

High end precision engineered IGBT dimmer rack that meets the demanding requirements of major theater productions High performance silent solution that supports a broad range of dimming technologies meeting the needs of theatrical and architectural lighting applications. Wall mounted dimming system The simplest architectural dimming system available. Integrated wall mounted dimming system Provides the control features of a component system in an elegant all-in-one installation.

Wall strap dimmers Wall mounted dimmers All the basic tools you need for architectural lighting control. Occupancy sensors and daylight regulation IntelliSight Occupancy Sensors provide vacancy strategies that are a step above any sensor that exists today.

Through a thoughtful design utilizing multiple detection technologies, IntelliSight Occupancy Sensors are the first true sensors with the intelligence to discern between human occupancy and the simple movement of inanimate objects, thereby providing true energy savings.

Classic wired occupancy sensors All the basic tools you need for lighting control and energy conservation. The Philips IntelliSight range of low-profile occupancy and photo sensors provides tangible energy savings via occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting to prevent unnecessary electricity usage while complying with the energy code requirements of commercial facilities.

Using advanced sensing technology, combined with the intelligence to learn and adjust to occupancy patterns, IntelliSight sensors will not only save energy by turning on the lights only when needed, but will minimize disruption to the workspace by ensuring that the lights remain on when the room is occupied.

IntelliSight uses multi-detection technology to deliver extended range and enhanced sensitivity for optimal energy savings. The market is looking for simple solutions to save energy use IntelliSight sensors to instantly save dollars and reduce energy spend at the facility. Features Wall switch replacement sensor Multiple detection technologies providing up to sq.

Using a combination of passive infrared PIR technology and advanced logic for detecting major and minor motion, the sensor recognizes when the room is occupied or unoccupied for maximum performance and energy savings. The system adapts to accommodate varying user occupancy patterns with built-in intelligence to automatically adjust the OFF time delay.

Uncompromising on style, the functional design allows for easy setup and adjustments to system settings via front accessible buttons and LED indicators. Features Easy-to-install retrofit: Wireless controls means no sensor wiring or separate ceiling-mounted power packs, so installation is easy. Sensor coverage can be reassigned for optimal coverage in minutes without rewiring Advance occupancy sensing: The sensor will automatically adjust the sensitivity based on the level of activity for major and minor motion.

This optimizes energy savings and helps preserve lamp life Sleek Low Profile Design: Stylish low-profile design easily blends into any professional setting.

There are no bulky components Intelligent OFF Delay Timer: Optimizes system performance for various applications by adjusting to the occupancy behavior. OccuSwitch wireless: occupancy sensor with daylight regulation The Philips OccuSwitch Wireless Control System is an advanced wireless occupancy sensor system that automatically turns lights off when a workspace is unoccupied, saving energy and creating a more sustainable work environment.

The system consists of a wireless ceiling mounted sensor that communicates to one or more wall switches and dimmers. When linked to the Multi-sensor the switch will operate with daylight hold-back and the dimmer will perform daylight harvesting. The Philips OccuSwitch Classic line of devices is a complete portfolio of wired occupancy sensors.

The wide selection includes solutions for nearly every application. To maximize energy savings and improve the working environment Philips offers the Classic product to meet the basic needs for lighting control and energy conservation. Line voltage - Ceiling Mount, sq. Low voltage relays are easy to group and program for time controls and manual override. Ideal for all time based applications including common areas, parking and site lighting. OccuSwitch Classic Line Voltage sensors install in hard ceilings and other locations where line voltage is available.

The Lyteswitch family of low voltage relay switching systems offers intelligent, energy saving control of lighting in a wide range of commercial applications. Lyteswitch Relay Panels are offered in scalable configurations of up to 12, 24, 36, or 48 relay circuits, providing maximum flexibility to address the varying demands of todays lighting control needs.

The Lyteswitch lighting control panels feature low profile surface or recessed mount enclosures, designed to compliment Philips Controls Optio Dimming Panels and the recently launched Philips Dynalite Lighting Control System. Features 1. Time scheduling: Considerable energy savings is provided by the systems integrated astronomical time clock to automatically turn lights off or on based on time of day events and calendar schedules. Occupancy sensing: For enclosed spaces with intermittent occupancy, comply with automated shutoff requirements with seamless integration of Philips IntelliSight occupancy sensors to maximize energy savings.

Simple to setup: Using standard CAT5e cable wiring, Lyteswitch systems are easy to connect and setup with walk-around programming Simplify scene settings by selecting the desired relays at the panel and the associated digital control station.

Programming and monitoring of Lyteswitch lighting control panels is fast and easy using the backlit graphical LCD display and menu buttons. Multicolored LED status indicators provide operation status and troubleshooting information. High performance mechanically-held latching relays specifically designed for lighting loads including HID provide reliable switching of all load types for years of trouble-free operation. Individual field-replaceable single and double pole relays rated for up to V.

Fully compatible with Lytemode family of wall stations for local control. Easy to use: Lyteswitch control systems incorporate user friendly digital control stations and intelligent sensors for occupant comfort. End users can easily override the system to adjust the lights regardless of the time scheduled status with applicable CEC Title24provisions. Lyteswitch panels offer a broad range of lighting control options to suit a variety of building integration applications.

Tried and proven in the field across thousands of installations, IGBT dimmers are intelligent, energy-efficient, quiet, compact and outperform traditional dimmers.

Smart: IGBT dimmers use microprocessor intelligence and power devices to control various types of lighting loads a single module is capable of supporting forward and reverse phase dimming controls. This is particularly useful in handling varying lighting schedules with last-minute fixture swap outs in the field without the need to replace the dimmer modules Silent: IGBT dimmers are completely silicon-based and operate silently without the use of chokes.

They do not produce any mechanical buzz, are smaller, lighter, and generate fewer neutral harmonics than conventional dimmers Reliable: IGBT dimmers operate with an microsecond rise time, realizing lamp performance and extending lamp life.

All IGBT dimmers incorporate a focus" button feature which allows for manual operation of each dimmer, saving setup time and labor. Complimentary with Philips Controls Lyteswitch Relay Panels and the recently launched Philips Dynalite Lighting Control System, Optio dimming panels offer a broad range of lighting control options to suit a variety of building integration applications.

Daylight harvesting: Create a sustainable environment by allowing facilities to take advantage of daylight to save energy. With Philips IntelliSight photo sensors, Optio dimming systems can easily deploy daylight harvesting controls providing compliance with light level reduction requirements. Silent: Optio distinguishes itself by its quiet IGBT operation with convection cooling , allowing the cabinet to be located in acoustically sensitive spaces.

Efficient: IGBT dimmers offer the most energy efficient dimming systems in the market today, requiring far less heat consumption to design the most compact footprint for installation. The Philips Dynalite range of lighting and energy management solutions provide a versatile lighting control system that can be tailored to address varying demands of todays commercial energy management and architectural lighting applications. Key features 1.

Total light management: Essential facility management capabilities for energy monitoring, reporting and load shedding based on peak demand are inherently designed into the system.

Intelligent: With Dynalites distributed architecture, each control device incorporates its own built-in intelligence to operate autonomously; this dramatically improves reliability over systems that incorporate centralized processors, wherein malfunction of one device could result in total system failure.

Future proof: Leveraging a common platform, the Dynalite network provides complete flexibility for future expansion and ensures that alterations or additions can be made after installation, without the need to reconfigure the entire system.

Product categories explained Dynalites range of control products can be broadly categorized as: Load Controllers: Dynalite offers an extensive range of controllers with a variety of output types, combinations and load ratings for switching and dimming applications.

When the system is connected as a network, the user has total flexibility to control all loads connected to a load controller. Lighting and temperature can be controlled to vary with ambient conditions, or be based on occupancy. Software: The control management software enables the facility manager to easily accommodate tenancy changes with drag-and-drop configuration and graphical programming.

From straightforward commissioning focused on the buildings design intent, to energy management, monitoring and maintenance of building performance parameters, the Philips Dynalite software suite offers the most advanced control settings with the most easy to experience interface. User control panels aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective method of providing integrated automation in commercial buildings and homes.

User control panels with ultimate aesthetic design flexibility providing integrated automation in commercial buildings and homes. Flush mount ceiling sensor combining motion detection, infrared remote control reception and ambient light level detection.

Surface mount ceiling sensor combining motion detection, infrared remote control reception and ambient light level detection. Smart software package designed to give the end user full operational, monitoring, control, reporting and programming of the Philips Dynalite system with just the click of a mouse.

Momentum preset slide dimmers Clean attractive styling and fine dimmer detailing combine with a vast selection of lamp types and wattages to make Momentum the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Momentum preset remotes These designer-style remotes provide multi-location, 3-way on-and-off control of Momentum Preset Slide Dimmers from any number of locations. All W low profile dimmers can be installed into a multi-gang configuration to fully rated load without derating. MP Devices are supplied with an individual screwless faceplate. Vega colour kit, small, faceplate and slider Vega colour kit, large, faceplate and slider.

Vega slide dimmers Vega dimmers offer robust design and high-wattage capability in a clean, architectural look. This attractive commercial grade dimmer is capable of dimming up to watts and controls various types of loads including incandescent electronic, low-voltage and trailing edge LED; magnetic, low-voltage and leading edge LED; and fluorescent loads.

Full-range dimming control Non-preset slide down to off Heavy-duty construction for long product life Captive slider knob won't pull off Screwless, thin-profile faceplate included Single pole only Colour kits allow colour change in seconds. Vega dimmers are supplied with an individual screwless faceplate. Onset digital preset dimmers An intuitive, elegant and powerful fully digital dimmer, Onset is commonly referred to as the best dimmer on the market. Glowing red LED at top of Remote guides you to the remote in a dark room Can adjust the lighting to the preset setting, off or any light level Uses existing 3-way wiring two conductors Onset master control Onset Mastering offers convenient control of up to four dimmers.

Its a mini-system with maximum value. Touch an Onset Master to turn all the mastered dimmers on, creating a dramatic preset lighting scene A second tap of the Master switch turns all the dimmers to full brightness Touch and hold the Master to simultaneously adjust all the dimmers without affecting presets Mastered dimmers can still be operated independently.

All W low profile dimmers OS can be installed into a multi-gang configuration to fully rated load without derating. OH Devices are supplied with an individual screwless faceplate. See Momentum page for dimmer dimensions. Add suffix below to complete part number.

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