The company offers two versions the Pro version for which you have to pay and free version which is the lite version of the software and is available freely. To download the free version of A9CAD you can click here. There is a command line window, where you can input the command or enter the data as per your requirements. You easily edit the weight of line, change the type of line, layer, and use the dimension and text style of your choice. Since this is the lite version it is not equipped with all the popular Cad features. However, for someone who does not require highly sophisticated features and has to do only basic drawing, this software, available for free, is good enough.

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Are you still using CadStd or something else? I have been drafting "old school" for too many years and am finally looking to use my PC to make my life easier!!! Thanks, -Raymond. Post a Comment.

Monday, February 21, CadStd review. Much in a similar vein to using TinyCad to produce semi professional schematics I decided to up the level of my designs with a CAD package. The dual end goals were to document my designs but more importantly be able to produce templates for machining eg drilling templates.

Previously I had used graph paper for these tasks. I had no experience in using CAD packages or technical drawing. So the first step was some research into what a CAD package can do and what to expect out of one. I would recommend anyone looking for a CAD package do this first as some CAD programs are more focused on particular tasks than others eg 2D vs 3D plans.

After some web research I came across CadStd www. The product has two versions, a free unlimited use lite version with some restricted functionality and a licensed pro version with full functionality. The lite version could be all that you need in cases where you are only doing simple plans.

The version I have is 3. CadStd is a 2D program but it does do isometric projections. The install was simple with the total install size approx 5mb. There is a tutorial that runs through the basic functionality in a structured lesson format. By the end of the tutorial I was able to construct some simple plans.

There is also a user guide. That said you will need to a few hours playing with all the drawing functions just to see how they work. I found some of them odd to begin with like the three ways to draw an arc but I suspect that is due to a lack of experience in both CAD and technical drawing. This is definitely a case of the more you do the easier to becomes. CadStd isn't MS Paint with a bit added. It's an engineering tool.

You will have to work to use this but that seems to be constant across the CAD field. Feel free to insert "learning curve" in there too. The litmus test was turning a technical drawing the Solarbotics GM2 motor plan into a drilling template.

The drawing was detailed but not to scale. After an hour of fiddling I had drilling template ready for use. So success. Did I need the Pro version to do this? However I like to support people making tools like this. I would recommend CadStd to anyone who has limited time to learn new products but is sick of using graph paper to make substandard templates. Be prepared to spend hours to learn how to use it and expect to make so odd mistakes along the way.

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Are you still using CadStd or something else? I have been drafting "old school" for too many years and am finally looking to use my PC to make my life easier!!! Thanks, -Raymond. Post a Comment.


Download Free CAD Software: A9CAD and CADStd



cadstd lite tutorial


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