CA, CAA. Dual, 4. Rev 6. March 4, CA series integrated circuit operational amplifiers.

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Its internal structure is comprised of both bipolar transistors and Mosfet. Moreover, it supports Mosfet type input and bipolar output. This P-channel Mosfet in the input circuit allows high impedance and a wide range of common-mode input voltage. This op-amp IC is a dual version of CA The pinout diagram shows that it has dual outputs for each op-amp. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of operating voltage due to bipolar output transistors.

This IC can be used in comparators, voltage followers, selective inversion circuits and in implementing the designs of transducers amplifiers. Due to is high input impedance, it can be used in designing an accurate circuit for the active filters. Mathematical operations like integration, differentiation, and summing of two values can be performed using this IC.

As it is a dual IC, therefore, it can be used to implement two functions together. The operation of this IC is simple as you have to only supply input voltages and it will generate the outputs. Due to its extremely high input impedance, it is used in biomedical applications. In this circuit, operational amplifier A is applied with a triangular wave signal at its non-inverting input.

It acts as a square wave generator. The non-inverting input of the second operational amplifier B is connected to a reference signal through a potentiometer which is used to set the trigger point. And opamp B behaves as a comparator. The value of supply voltage should lie between 5 V to 30 V. Greater the supply voltage value, higher will be the efficiency of a regulator. A square wave signal is obtained at pin 7 having a constant frequency and variable pulse width.

The circuit diagram of the DC voltage regulator showing the connections and components used is shown below. This circuit converts light into voltage using two C photodiodes. Voltage outputs from first stage op-amps are applied to second-stage terminals.

It is used in many projects for implementing different functions. Some of the applications and the projects which can be designed using CA are given below:. CA Datasheet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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CA3240 - BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/Bipolar Output



CA3240 Datasheet


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