Some businesses selling courses and manuals on speed reading claim that it is possible to increase the reading to beyond 10 words per second with full comprehension, provided the course is followed and that the exercises are constantly practiced. However, a good deal of these courses and manuals are conflicting as to why and how speed reading should be adopted as a method. They claim that a person reading at 2 words per second the average rate for untrained adult readers , can take a speed reading course and learn how to read at 5 to 7 words per second while maintaining, or even improving comprehension. In many commercial courses, in fact, the comprehension is only increased because the difficulty of the texts used in the course decreases.

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Pogledajte kako izgleda jedna teh Vrijedna ekipa je na broju! Pratite nas! I ne samo to. Motivacija je predslov da zadovoljimo svoje potrebe i ostvarimo postavljene ciljeve.

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Information about Page Insights Data. The Association map as a way of learning allows us to remember a very large matter, remembering only the essence or key details. The map represents a graphic display of key words. During the creation of a map, the basic idea is created, after that, the main topics of the text are drawn, which can continue to be built into less important terms, key words.

Key words have a role to create an association on certain content. This technique is successful because it fits the way our brain works. First of all, because our brain loves pictures and remembers pictures perfectly. Today the French are an essential way of business, especially developing in crisis, such as the current crown, when a large number of people remain out of their jobs and are looking for alternative ways to develop their career. The quality of the work of a fast reading school and wise learning, but also their French business model in the region were recognized by the Croatian Association for French business, which together with the European French Institute issued a certificate of European French quality, as a guarantee of the European French standards that the same meets all strict European standards in The French business sector.

Ljiljana Kukec, the president of the Croatian Association for France, a member of the and a member of the world French Council. On that occasion, she said: The school of fast reading and wise learning is a very interesting French concept that the market has recognized very quickly. The results of the end users are excellent, but also the financial results of entrepreneurs who gave trust in this business model and bought a France.

The franchise is perfectly designed and tested on our market, but also on the market of the whole region. It is definitely recommended as a great business investment, but also as a great educational method for functional learning not only for our children but also for adults.

One of the very serious and high-quality and fast-growing arts in the education section, in our region is a fast-reading schools of fast reading and wise learning, which, in addition to proven quality, has received various international recognition for its work.

Take a look at what a quick reading technique that is learning at our school. The registration for September has begun! Seats Limited! Learn More. How do you like our song?? The former us President John're, for example, read more than 1. He reached a speed of words per minute. This skill, as he often said, was of extremely important to him for the function he performed, since he received a large amount of material by quick reading was saved time and energy.

To all the students and colleagues who celebrate today we wish a happy bajram. Kako motivaciju opisati i definisati? Ili dolazi spolja? Learning switch Let's think - what is motivation? How to describe and define the motivation?

Is it an inner feeling that comes to us in certain situations? Or is it coming from the outside? Let's look at the roots of the words The Word "motivation" comes from the Latin word 'motus; Movere' movement; move. So, motivation can be presented as a mechanism that includes everything that includes everything that outside and inside drives us, to some activity; on learning, creativity; something that causes us, direction; that gives strength and length of what we do.

Motivation helps us answer the questions " what " and " why " - we are doing something. And not only that. Motivation is to meet our needs and achieve the set of goals.

Motivation is deeply connected to the processes of reading, memory, understanding and conclusion. As such, it is an important requirement for successful learning.

It's a " switch " that " includes us " to start with some activity. When it's off - we will lack energy to learn. Turn off the imagination switch will mean lack of fuel for activity. It can lead to the feeling that we don't want, even if we can't move; that we are not able to do anything This is one of the reasons why education and even learning in general - with students so often connected with negative feelings. Every child has their own " switch " and the most motivated student will be the one who will find a reason to " involved " in the study process or in activities at the class.

Advice for teaching staff: A good technique is a technique that includes a motivational " switch ". Najbolji oporavak nakon radnog vremena je uz puno glazbe. Budi uz Stre Stress free zona - Radio Ne menjati tim koji dobija. Management of the school of fast reading and wise learning croatia Translated.

We are looking for a master French Master for Hungary After Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and herzegovina - a fast reading school and wise learning is planning its business at the master level to start in Hungary.

We also offer you a great opportunity to raise your standard of living and become a local partner of fast reading school and wise learning. By entering the system, the partner gets the knowledge and skills necessary for the realization of a quick reading program, speed memory program, speed learning, methods of effective presentation of learned material, as well as training and training of the teaching frame.

Our partners can expect full support in the field of classes and administration, further improvement of the frame, as well as tips on leadership and management of the schools. A local partner can use the name of fast reading and wise learning to be able to make the standard quality of services designed and tested for many years in the country and abroad successfully implemented in its place.

If you are interested in opening a fast reading school and wise learning in your place, feel free to contact us: brzocitanjeiucenje gmail. Send Message. I don't know what to do with us! We've all already found ourselves in a situation that it is difficult for us to learn a specific lesson, quickly and accurate to write something we heard, or even read some text at a satisfied level.

Think about it, and you'll probably remember some such "anecdotes" What situation was that? What do you think was the reason for the difficulties you had at that moment? When we are able to spot the difficulties we or our child have, then we become able to overcome them; we come to the position to find both the causes and solutions.

After such episodes - to experience them more often in the future - it is useful to ask yourself: - when do we best remember a lesson, text or any material? So, when we see the ways we or our children react in situations that have to do with learning, and when we understand why we don't do so well, and sometimes we are completely successful - we need to try ourselves - or to our children - provide those Conditions that are suitable for us - whenever possible, and that - for cases when it is impossible - " armed " with a better " technique ".

Of course, many children gradually learn to react in different situations, and even develop some personal learning techniques, but some people need proper support and sometimes direct help.

Adults often forget how much it took for them to improve their performance in learning, so sometimes they expect too much from their children - and so they only make more complicated process of development of their learning capacity. Advice for parents: Every child has its own way and pace of development when learning; sometimes it's more advanced than what they expect from them in school, sometimes they can "trot" for standards.

However, as parents, you need to react as soon as possible and as soon as possible - as soon as possible - as soon as you notice that the child does not fit into expectations of the school system; whether the child is especially gifted, whether there are certain difficulties in learning.

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