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I have been working on program 1 for three weeks now. Program 1 is simply holding 7 key positions for 10 seconds each. This is done at home not on the driving range. The first day I played golf following three days of drills, I swung at the ball but it was not my regular swing. It felt like somebody was controlling my swing. My ball flite and trajectory was completely different.

I was amazed how my golf swing changed in so little time. My handicap crashed a bit at the beginning of the year. Before starting these drills, I was a 9. I dropped to 7. I highly recommend this book to any serious golfer that is willing to work 15 to 30 a day on home based drills.

I felt a difference in only 4 days. I cannot wait to see myself in two months. It may be deferent for you but it is worth the shot. Give me feedback if you have some. Cheers, Strive for perfection, but never expect it! Cheers, "To gain a fine golf swing, man must work. The concept of improving your golf swing without hitting balls may be baffling to some, however, progress is accelerated by doing it this way. Developing some lag, arm strength and slowly moving the club into the "on plane" position, via slow motion, and static position drills, while time consuming and perhaps boring at times, will make you a better golfer, sooner.

After playing your course for the first time in the spring open qualifier and scoring 72, I can understand your satisfication, as the course is a tough one to go low on, considering how punitive it can be if you miss on the wrong side. Keep up the good work.

I may give it a shot over the off season. My game is up and down, as of yesterday I went out and hit every drive and iron to satisfaction The faster you start, the faster you will improve. I took lessons for two year and my game was screwed up after each lesson. Don't ask me why but it doesn't ruin you swing at least not mine. I can feel the changes in my swing with positive feedback on the course. That's the beauty of it. Strive for perfection, but never expect it!

Hi, new here, just read this. Is this the same as Natural golf? Or is it just improving golf technique? It has nothing to do with Natural Golf. They are programs that exaggerate certain position of the golf swing. You hold these positions for 10 seconds with a weighted club or lead pipe.

I was sceptical but I tried it and it works. I have tried a lot of training aids and took lessons for two year and nothing come close to what I felt in two week with program 1. There are a total of 4 or 6 programs that build on the other. The processes can take a few years to learn buts it is worth It. This book is for a lifetime. I have my father in law hooked on this too!!

Look at me, I sound like an advertising add. Oh well, their loss. There is also another forum with users that use the Bertholy programs. You can ask them question like I did. They are more experienced in the process then I am now.

Does this require a net, or tons of space? I do the exercises with a 2 pound 16 inch iron pipe. You can do them in your living room. No ball, no net needed. No more driving range. Will definitely take a look at this then. I also live in an apartment, so no garage or anything like that to set up a practice facility.

Always looking to improve though, so this sounds like a great idea. You have sold me. I will buy it and check it out. Thank you. Let me know how it goes. The process is unlike anything that you have ever done and IMO, vastly superior to any lesson s that you can get from a local professional. What you are simply doing is performing a correct golf swing in slow motion and static positions, in your living room or backyard, whenever you have time.

You don't need any balls, net or fancy gizmos, just a club and a pipe. The work, however, is hard. You must repeat the correct positions time and time again. You are training your subconscious mind to control your swing, and it will, in time. Mike sees a difference right away, but it is not a conscious thing.

His progress is unusually good and fast. For most of us it may take longer, but it works. The entire pipe is filled with sand and I put a golf grip on the end. That's it. Paul Bertholy is dead now, but one of his assistants' Doug Ferreri has rewritten Paul's book from the old book and from notes that Paul left him. It's unusual, unorthodox, simple and effective. It will teach you subconsciously, to swing down on plane, delay the unhinging of the wrists and will most assuredly increase your distance with each club.

I am not kidding. I looked there and it appeared that they wanted either a cheque or money order and the site seemed to be catered to Americans.

Did you have to contact Doug to find out how much to send, etc. Is there a local way to get a copy of this book? One other thing that I noticed about this method is that it was crafted in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Do you and feel free to comment BC MIST find that these teachings still apply to the 'modern' way of swinging the club?

Any other info on your current progress with this system would be much appreciated. Regards, amac I sent an e-mail to Doug. He told me to send him a The book is sold form that site only.

Paul Bertholy was ahead of his time in a major way. I understand that this book was written with note from the 40s 50s 60 s.. As you know, Sergio is very long and accurate of the tee. Not that Sergio used this book but his swing is the same as Paul teaches. He also teached the way Hogan and Sneed swung at the ball. Hogan is still used as a model swing today. Bertholy was a Master PGA teacher.

His schools are still up and running in the states today. Warning to the lazy ones, this is not a walk in the park.

The exercise can be painful and hard to do. You MUST practice the drills immaculately and as often as possible so it can creep up naturally in your swing.

Regards,amac I am unsure of what you mean by the "modern" way of swinging the golf club as the range of conventional swings has really not changed in my lifetime. The grip is still in the fingers, lead arm still straight, trail arm still folded, weight shifts aft and fore still take place. The Bertholy Method will increase the flexibility and strength of your arms and wrists, get you to an "on plane" position that will cause the club head to approach the ball from the inside, delay the unhinging of the wrists and trail arm until later in the downswing, ensuring that the hands are ahead of the ball at impact, and should improve tour tempo.

These characteristics will help any golf swing. Just as a reminder of what "on plane" really means, and this term does mean different things to different people, when you go to the following link, just scroll down and you will see that the club shaft coincides with the right forearm.

The BM will easily help you achieve this ideal position.


Bertholy Method

I have been working on program 1 for three weeks now. Program 1 is simply holding 7 key positions for 10 seconds each. This is done at home not on the driving range. The first day I played golf following three days of drills, I swung at the ball but it was not my regular swing.


Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

Paul Bertholy was one of the greatest golf teachers of all-time. He had the 1-rated golf school in America from , trained thousands of champions from juniors to tour pros. National Select Teacher, and conducted the first P. Teaching Seminar in the history of the U. He was also the first teacher in golf history to identify the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics in the golf swing.

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