For Businesses. Write a Review. Cozy yoga studio with great instructors. I am relatively new to the practice of yoga but have loved every class I have attended at Atmananda so far.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. Cozy yoga studio with great instructors. I am relatively new to the practice of yoga but have loved every class I have attended at Atmananda so far. I can confidently say I have learned something new during each class, and the instructors are deeply devoted to the practice. I feel like most studios always try to sell their own branded mats and accessories, but at Atmananda, it just may be worth it.

They sell their own mats that tell you where you should place your hands and feet, eliminating or, at least lessening one of the most frustrating parts of the practice: not knowing how far apart your feet or hands should be!

Some instructors use this feature more than others, but even for the classes where the special mat is not referenced, it's still nice to have. Atmananda does not have the biggest studio, but I have never had trouble getting into a class. In fact, I believe one weekend, it was just me and my boyfriend in a class-- talk about one-on-one attention!

I was originally hesitant to leave a positive review encouraging others to come because it's such a hidden gem, but this place really deserves the praise. I was happy to find a free community class at Atmananda on a recent trip to NYC. It far exceeded my expectations I thought it would be a yoga lite class, like most free classes I've tried.

There is a huge focus on alignment here, and the instructor started the class with having us feel our ribs in different planes, and focused on the alignment of our ribs during the sequence.

It's different than most yoga classes I've been to, and the best I can describe it is an intermediate iyengar flow. Other useful things to know: -The studio is a bit hard to spot, but it's across the street from Kung Fu Tea, on the second floor, just look up and you'll see the yoga signage. They have great quality mats with alignment cues on them. On a humid East Coast summer day, they kept it comfortable with light air conditioning. The city surrounds me with energy and noise so that I'm never lonely.

Sometimes being lonely isn't the issue, though. City noise can be overwhelming and never-ending energy is enough to make anyone dizzy. That's why I practice yoga. Yoga has the ability to calm me unlike any other form of exercise. While my muscles strengthen and I learn to control my breathing, I also learn to soothe my thoughts and focus my mind. Yoga for me is a constant, scheduled break from the busyness of my city lifestyle. I took a class last week in the late afternoon at Atmananda because I desperately needed a break.

Paulo Munera was a new teacher, but I really liked his clean instructions. We practiced crow pose, headstand, and handstand. Even if you are not good at these advanced poses you still will be able to do them or at list learn first steps with the help of the teachers.

I'm not great at handstands, and Paulo was very helpful and explained why I was doing it wrong. I also loved their mats! If you are coming for the first time, rent their mat or even buy one on Amazon or their studio.

Their mats are unique because they have these guides lines that help you with the alignment. They are especially great if you are trying to master warrior poses. The studio itself was very clean. The AC didn't work, but it didn't bother me too much. I like that there is an altar with pictures of Gurus and Hindu gods.

Also, Atmananda's sequence is very easy to understand and has an order that you can memorize. It reminded me of a traditional Hatha flow. So if you are into basic traditional yoga this place is good for you! Loved the hip opening class, our instructor Jhon was really amazing and opened up the class with some very deep remarks.

I absolutely love this place. I'm currently doing my hr teacher certification here, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

Full of warmth, support, love, guidance, knowledge. This is Community with a capital C. Jhon T is an amazing instructor so informative and practical The yoga mat is aligned with your body and make sure your practice is injury free! This place is pure magic. I am forever grateful to the universe for leading me here. The energy here is so pure and the yoga is hands down amazing!!

I have taken yoga classes around the city but nothing compares to the vibe, the people, and the practice here. I just signed up for my teacher training and I've already met such genuine, incredible souls.

I am excited to deepen my practice here. Come by- You won't regret it!! I feel so lucky to have found Atmananda. My practice has improved, and I loved the hour teacher training so much I signed up for the hour! If you're a fan of yoga, you must try the Atmananda way. I took the intermediate class, and it does a good job of taking you through a wide variety of full body poses, but the class is just really boring.

The instructor had a very monotone voice that spoke very clearly and slowly -- it was putting me to sleep. I prefer something a little more upbeat and dynamic. Decent workout though. They have these interesting custom mats with a lot of lines and shapes drawn on them to help with alignment adjustments, but if you are an advanced yogi, you probably won't find it as helpful Small studio with clean, simple rooms.

Efficient front staff. They have the coolest yoga mats I've ever seen. I always have a problem with my practice wondering if it matters where my hands and feet are and if in the right place at all times. This studio has these special mats with lines and images letting you know exactly where to place them at all times.

The teachers here use this mat with what they refer to a sequence to help open your body up and noticed that we only did the pose once. To me it seemed as though they are running somewhat of a training facility, it was the right challenge for me and especially with these mats! The friendly staff made me feel so welcome!

I loved it and will be back! I have nothing but positive things to say about Atmanandas Yoga Studio. There is such a warm and inviting feeling even entering the studio. Yoko was the first person I had contact with from the studio and she's just wonderful, patient, and full of knowledge. I have just completed week one of the hour training course. It has been very mentally and physically challenging!

I've learned so much already even how to properly do basic poses I never knew I was doing slightly wrong! I would highly recommend this program if you're thinking about becoming a teacher or just want to deepen your practice. Be prepared for a challenge and to break through your barriers!

Love love love The right place to learn yoga , The owner of studio Jhon T has amazing yoga sequence , best mats , and the best yogi vibes. The all idea of the sequence is so smart. Couple of years ago did my h. And got back to the same studio. Now currently getting my h yoga teacher certificate. Amazing people and studio. Such a happy and positive place. Everybody who wants to learn proper alignment of yoga and understand the foundation of it - must be at Atmananda!

I'm currently participating in the hour teacher training program at Atmananda Yoga, and thus far, I'm very happy! The training is challenging yet accessible for many different levels of yogis. The staff at the studio are knowledgeable and kind, and there is an active effort to make the trainees feel comfortable and cared for.

The program is thorough, and a wide breadth of information is covered. I'm greatly looking forward to everything else we learn The studio is nice enough, but pretty standard. It overlooks 23rd street so it can get pretty loud. I took a class with a sub named Jhon T. This was my first "Open" class there, so maybe this was the format, but he basically called out poses nummerically like an automated robot.

I was open to it because I was just looking for a good class within a supportive environment. At this studio, they have their own brand of yoga mats with Lines, hand and foot prints. I didn't know it was recommenddd to use their mats so I brought my own. During the class at some point the teacher Who had a very thick accent, asked if he could use my Mat.

I said OK. What he really wanted was to use me as a demonstration for the wrong way to align my body since I didn't have the right mat to use as a guide.


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Friday, October 26, — Sunday, October 28, pm The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is a modern vinyasa style practice that is rooted in traditional disciplines. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence created in by Founder Jhon Tamayo with the intention for students to better connect to their body and breathe, allowing individuals to own their personal practice, reaching a moment of inner stillness any place, any time. Jhon T. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence mission is dedicated to inspire individual growth, embracing our unique qualities and building self-empowerment towards knowing our inner teacher within. We look forward to welcoming you to our community in our various locations.


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Introduction to Atmananda Yoga Sequence with Jhon Tamayo October 27th and 28th 2018

The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is a modern vinyasa style practice that is rooted in traditional disciplines. Jhon T. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence mission is dedicated to inspire individual growth, embracing our unique qualities and building self-empowerment towards knowing our inner teacher within. Our headquarters is in the heart of NYC but we have studios all over the world from Columbia to Spain! We are a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance and offering an array of different YTT programs, including a customized program! Our mathematically designed mat is customized for you height to help with proper alignment and preventing injuries!

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