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From ARM v7, the ARM architecture defines different architectural profiles and this edition of this manual describes only. The first. For more information see Additional. No part of this ARM Architecture. Reference Manual may be reproduced in any form by any means without the express prior written permission of ARM.

No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise to any intellectual property rights is granted by this ARM. Your access to the information in this ARM Architecture Reference Manual is conditional upon your acceptance that you. All rights reserved. ARM makes no representations or warranties, either. To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event will ARM be liable for any damages, including without limitation any.

Other br and s and names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their. Restricted Rights Legend: Use, duplication or disclosure by the United States Government is subject to the restrictions. This document is Non-Confidential but any disclosure by you is subject to you providing notice to and the. ARM architecture. The context makes it clear when the term is used in this way.

About this manual Using this manual Further reading This preface summarizes the contents of this manual and lists the conventions it uses. It contains the.

The optional VFP extension, that provides high-performance floating-point operations. It can. The Debug architecture, that provides software access to debug features in ARM processors.

Part A describes the application level view of the architecture. It describes the application level view of the. It also describes the precise effects of each instruction in User. This information is of primary. Part B describes the system level view of the architecture. It gives details of system registers that are not.

It also gives full details of the. Part C describes the Debug architecture. This is an extension to the ARM architecture that provides. Assembler syntax is given for the instructions described in this manual, permitting instructions to be.

However, this manual is not intended as tutorial material for ARM assembler. To make. It contains the following chapters:. It describes the types of. VFP instruction sets. It also contains some details of instruction operation, where these are. Chapter A8 Provides detailed reference information about every instruction available in the Thumb,. Chapter B2 Describes the system level view of the memory model features that are common to all.

This chapter includes descriptions of all of the. Chapter B6 Provides detailed reference information about system instructions, and more information. This description is not part of the ARM architecture specification. It is included here only. This specification is not part of the ARM architecture specification.

This sub-architectural. From ARM v6, the use of this feature. Use of these operations is deprecated in ARM v7. Appendix J Index to definitions of pseudocode operators, keywords, functions, and procedures. This manual employs typographic and other conventions intended to improve its ease of use.

In the cases of assembler syntax descriptions and. The typewriter style is also used in the main text for instruction mnemonics and for. Their meanings can. In general this specification does not define processor signals, but it does include some signal examples and. Numbers are normally written in decimal.

Binary numbers are preceded by 0b, and hexadecimal numbers. Values of bits and bitfields are normally given in binary, in single quotes. The quotes are normally omitted. This manual uses a form of pseudocode to provide precise descriptions of the specified functionality. This manual contains numerous syntax descriptions for assembler instructions and for components of. These are shown in a typewriter font, and use the conventions described in.

ARM periodically provides updates and corrections to its documentation. December 27, IEEE Std If you notice any errors or omissions in this manual, send e-mail to errata arm. This chapter introduces the ARM architecture and contains the following sections:.

Architecture versions, profiles, and variants on page A The ARM architecture supports implementations across a wide range of performance points. It is. The architectural simplicity of ARM. Implementation size, performance, and very low power consumption are key attributes.

Except where the architecture specifies differently, the programmer-visible behavior of an implementation. This programmer-visible behavior does.

The ARM instruction set is a set of bit instructions providing comprehensive data-processing and control. The Thumb instruction set was developed as a bit instruction set with a subset of the functionality of the. ARM instruction set. It provides significantly improved code density, at a cost of some reduction in.

A processor executing Thumb instructions can change to executing ARM instructions for. This technology makes it possible to extend the original. Thumb instruction set with many bit instructions. The range of bit Thumb instructions included in. For more. The ARM and Thumb instruction set architectures have evolved significantly since they were first. They will continue to be developed in the future.

Seven major versions of the instruction set have. Of these, the first three versions are now. ARM v7-A Application profile, described in this manual. Implements a traditional ARM architecture. ARM v7-R Real-time profile, described in this manual.

Implements a traditional ARM architecture with. Versions can be qualified with variant letters to specify additional instructions and other functionality that.

Extensions are typically included in the base architecture of the. Provision is also made to exclude variants by prefixing the variant letter with x. Some extensions are described separately instead of using a variant letter.

For details of these extensions see. ARM v4 The earliest architecture variant covered by this manual. It includes only the ARM. Adds count leading zeros CLZ.


ARM Architecture Reference Manual ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R Edition

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ARM Architecture Reference Manual ARMv7 A And R Edition DDI0406A V7a V7r


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