Turn the Pulpit Loose pp Cite as. M aria Beulah Underwood was the fourth daughter in a family of eight children born to Samuel and Matilda Underwood in rural, central Ohio. In her autobiography she recalled that her parents had minimal interest in religion, a situation that she lamented. She desperately desired to remain in school. I would have my books in the kitchen, where I could read a verse and commit it to memory, then read another, and so on, thus improving every opportunity while at my work.

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The greatest desire of my life is that sinners may hear of Jesus, and be saved. I know that time is short, and what we do for the Master we must do quickly. Therefore I send this book out in the name and spirit of the Lord Jesus, knowing that it will reach thousands who will never hear my voice in preaching the word, and that many will be saved by reading it, that I will never see till I meet them in heaven.

It is within the reach of every one; and with the alternation of peace and trouble, encouragement and discouragement, hope and fear, prosperity and adversity, joy and sadness, I cannot help but think that it will be interesting and beneficial to those who may read it.

Preface to the New Edition. It is now nearly thirty-five years since the Lord raised me from what all thought was my death-bed, after I had promised the Lord that I would consecrate my life to His work, if He would raise me up, and prepare me by His power, and wisdom, and strength. I knew it must all come from Him, for I was nothing but a little worm.

He said that He would take the worm, and thrash a mountain. Many prayers went up for my recovery; the Lord heard, and my consecration was accepted, and sealed in heaven; and now after so many years on the battlefield, I am still pressing the battle to the gate.

At the age of sixty-eight my health is better than ever before, and I can stand more in many ways, than at any time in all these years. The Lord is giving me great light in these last days, and the work is now greater. The light and power from the work, and book, is going forth all over the land. This is why I am now writing another book, that we expect to go to all lands, and tribes, and tongues, to give the Last Warning to a lost world; and to gather the elect together from the four comers of the earth; that we may see eye to eye, speak the same language, and be sealed with the Pentecostal baptism of power, knowledge, and gifts, and be ready to meet the Lord in the air.

We were only out in the evangelistic work a short time, when the Lord showed me plainly that He wanted me to write an account of my birth, childhood, conversion, wonderful call, and baptism of the Holy Ghost, endowing with gifts and power, and preparing me for the work, and my experience in the work up to that time.

I was as much surprised as when He called me to preach His gospel. I had never thought of such a thing as writing a book. I just thought it impossible, but I had promised the Lord that whenever He set an open door for me to go in for His glory, that I would go forward in His strength, if I died in the attempt. My prayers have always been, and now are for more Light, and more Wisdom at any cost. This must be our cry and faith". I set about the work at once, without any notes, just trusting the Lord to show me, and lead me to write; to guide my fingers; to indite word, and matter, and to bring to my mind just what He could use to enlighten His children, and bring sinners to Christ.

I wrote a small book as directed. Many times the Holy Ghost fell on me. I seemed to be melted in love and weeping, and the paper would be all wet, and spotted with tears, as I asked God to send out, and seal the writing with the Power of the Holy Ghost; so that those that read it would be awakened, and that the power would fall on them, so that many would be brought to Christ, and blessed in different ways.

Well, the Lord used the book in all these ways, much more than I ever thought possible. It was not long till He called me to write another one much larger, another, and another; until now, including this one, I have sent out five different volumes of my life and work; and three books of Sermons, making many thousands in all. Have none of these on hand now, except a few copies of number four book. I have also published four hymn books, that have been in great demand, but are now out of print.

All these books have gone, and are scattered over the land. We have listened to our friends, and to the voice of God, and now publish a large volume, giving a condensed account of all the past editions; together with many things that have never been written, nor given to the public, and which will be read with interest; also a number of new sermons.

This book will go forth in His name, accompanied with the Holy Ghost, to do more good than all the rest. So, dear reader, give ear to what you read, and hear what the Spirit says to you.

If you hear and obey, I will meet many of you in that Beautiful City. Chapter VI. Chapter XVII. Chapter XXIX. Selected to Fire Off the Cannon. The Lord Calls Us to St. Louis, Mo. Our Next Meeting was held at Merimac, la. From Lettsville we went to North Liberty, Ind.

From St. We went to Carroll, la. The Lord led us to Glidden, la. On our way back to Iowa we Stopped in St. Louis we went to North Liberty, la. We next went back to Muscatine, la. Chapter L. On our way to Iowa City, la. Etter of Hot Springs, Ark. After holding Several Meetings we came to St.

Louis, January 14th, Louis—Visit Denver and Arizona—Testimonials. Visions of Mrs. Bell-Visions of Rev. Contents Chapter I. Chapter II. Chapter Ill. Chapter IV. Chapter V. Chapter VII. Chapter VIll. Chapter IX. Chapter X. Chapter XI. Chapter XII. Chapter XIII. Chapter XIV.

Chapter XV. Chapter XVI. Chapter XIX. Chapter XX. Chapter XXI. Chapter XXII. Chapter XXIV. Chapter XXV. Chapter XXVI. Chapter XXX. Chapter XXXI. Chapter XXXV. Chapter XL.

Chapter XLI. Chapter XLII. Chapter XLIV. Chapter XLV. Chapter XLVI. Chapter XLIX. Chapter LI. Chapter LII. Chapter LIll. Chapter LIV. Chapter LV. Chapter LVI. Chapter LVII. Chapter LIX. Chapter LX. Chapter LXI. Chapter LXII. Chapter LXIV. Chapter LXV.


Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844–1924)

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Woodworth-etter Acts of the Holy Ghost [5]

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Acts Holy Ghost Life Work by Woodworth Etter Mrs M B

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