Mikazragore CBA projects are highly contextualized, but lessons generated should be relevant to stakeholders globally Incorporation of both quantitative and qualitative indicators: The IAS is composed of a number of quantitative indicators which track biophysical ecosystem indicators, as well as policy impact, capacity development and awareness-building. Un vivero comunitario es instalado y funciona para los fines establecidos. Cologne Utila Santa key. Soil conservation practices include improving ditches, terracing, using barriers to decrease pressure from the agricultural frontier, and using organic compost to improve crops and soil. Mamuro CBA projects are highly contextualized, orgwnicas lessons generated should be relevant to stakeholders globally Incorporation of both quantitative and qualitative indicators: CBA Guatemala project details. The CBA, being a project of the GEF Strategic Priority on Adaptation, aims to increase the resilience of ecosystems and communities to the impacts of climate change, generating global environmental benefits, and increasing their resilience in the face of climate change impacts.

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As part of our projects, we work alongside the communities to build eco-toilets and compost latrines for families who do not have access to private, safe and hygienic sanitation facilities. But, what are eco-toilets and compost latrines? Here's a low down on everything you need to know about both ingenious types of sanitation facilities. An Eco Toilet can be built inside or outside the home. It consists of a toilet seat, a sealed sceptic box where the waste is stored, a water filter and a long, tall pipe for the excretion of fumes and oxygen.

It can last for 20 years or more if it is maintained well. Before you can use the Eco Toilet you must fill it with litres of water meaning it is not an ideal choice for communities that have a limited access to water. Waste is washed down with approximately two litres of water and then travels into a sealed sceptic box.

Due to the water and gravity, the liquid goes through a filter box which is filled with rocks. The liquid is filtered through the rocks and then is released into the ground. The waste in the box decomposes due to bacteria and only needs to be cleaned once every two to three years.

We heavily promote the use of eco-toilets as they are sustainable, hygienic, private and safe. We can build them within the home, which minimises the risk and danger of walking to the toilet in the dark and it also limits odors if used correctly.

Se puede construir un Eco-inodoro dentro o fuera del hogar. A Compost Latrine is split into two cubicles with two separate toilets.

It is a dry toilet, which is filled with either chalk or ashes and some sand. Every time it is used, more chalk or ashes with a bit of sand are added to the toilet a flushing substitute.

Every month or two the waste in the latrine needs to be mixed. The toilet seat is divided into two sections — one for liquids and one for solids. The liquid is filtered out so only solids are left in the box to decompose. When one box is full, it is left for 6 months and the second toilet is then used. There is a small door at the back of the latrine where you can remove the organic compost after 6 months.

A compost latrine is more expensive to build as it needs more materials and requires more maintenance. Cada mes o dos los desechos en la letrina deben mezclarse. Over the next three months, our volunteers will be working hand-in-hand with our communities to build sanitation facilities such as, eco-toilets and compost latrines. As well as, to raise awareness about the importance of practicing safe hygiene and sanitation. Check this out. Mira esto.

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