To talk about the professional trajectory of Prof. Carlos E. Bicudo is, above all, a real pleasure and brings us great joy. Even before graduating, he was already interested in aquatic microorganisms and discovered the world of microalgae.

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Periphytic algal community structure on Eleocharis acutangula Roxb. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of seasonal variation of environmental conditions on the structural attributes of the periphyton community on Eleocharis acutangula Roxb. The spring and summer were characterized by higher values of macrophyte cover, phytoplankton chlorophyll a , light, and phosphorus availability in the water.

Periphyton biomass and algal density were negatively correlated with macrophyte cover and phytoplankton chlorophyll a. The species composition, algal classes, and descriptors changed in seasonal scale. We concluded that periphyton community structure on Eleocharis acutangula was strongly influenced by macrophyte cover and phytoplankton biomass. Availability of nutrientsin the water seems to play a minor role in community organization.

The responses of the structural attributes of the periphyton showed a strong interrelationship with macrophytes and phytoplankton, which should be better understood in shallow tropical reservoirs. Keywords: biomass, diversity, emergent macrophyte, species composition. Conforme Chambers et al. Especificamente, Eleocharis acutangula Roxb. No inverno Brachysira cf. Nakai et al. Borduqui et al. Schult Cyperaceae. Alves, M. Bicudo, C. C Bicudo, M. M Bicudo eds. Biggs, B.

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Currently, there is a set up procedure to sort out the solid waste in the beach sand, by unit, amount and type of waste found with which it is determined the percentage of distribution of this throughout the sand as well as how hazardous it could be for visitors. Regarding the measurement of floating solid wastes, authors such as Botero INVEMAR, have stated methods that suggest the use of multifilament devices by moving on a boat at a constant speed along the coast line in a parallel way in order to catch the floating solid waste in seawater. According to the statement above, it was necessary to come up with a model which could be able to assess the efficiency of the method applied considering the sampling both in parallel and perpendicular to the coastline. Additionally, sample collection is proposed to be performed by a field auxiliary technician around the most crowded beach area and so the impact of a boat moving around may be diminished. The main objective of the developed model attempted to find the effective combination among all the given variables in order to come with an easy process to monitor parameters in a reliable way. Through this method, it is possible to get information with regards the type and percentages of floating solid waste at every beach in contrast with sanitary quality and the density of visitors in order to determine the nature of waste found in the seawater. Three multifilament devices were used and assembled resembling the Bentos samplers with a 0.


20. Algumas considerações sobre desenho amostral para Estudos de Longa Duração

Embalses, Fotosintesis y Productividad Primaria. Santiago, Chile: Univ. Chile, Toxicity associated with commonly occurring cyanobacteria in surface waters of Murray-Darling Basin, Australia. Marine and Freshwat. BALL, E. Haia, Holanda: Springer,


Estudo de metais pesados (Co, Cu, Fe, Cr, Ni, Mn, Pb e Zn) na Bacia do Tarumã-Açu Manaus (AM)

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Domestic sewage involves several products, such as pesticides, pharmaceutics products, detergents, soybean oil, heavy metal of battery, and others.

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